What Is The Unseen?

Welcome all, for this weeks Wisdom Post I am sharing a few of the teachings from my new E learning class that I am now teachng as a private session with 4 Email lessons still titled The Power Of The Unseen or better yet, lets call it, Connecting to the unseen, todays writings offered below, are from lesson one. I am sharing some of my earlier experiences and validations with meeting my guides, angels and helpers along the way.

If ever we needed something to tap into and conect to beyond what is offered daily from the visable world. I beleive, now as it always is and shall be, is to go within, turn to spirit and invite your heavenly helpers from the unseen who are closer than you think, a breathe, a heart beat and prayer away, always within reach and close by.

What Is The Unseen?

The unseen when I refer to it is the heavens, those heavenly helpers perhaps we cannot see, it is not a void or empty space, the unseen is how we connect with faith within our spiritual practice as well as when we are going about our daily lives. The unseen whisper solutions even when not prayed for in a traditional sense, it is our connection to the divine, yet why do we fear at times the passage of the truth that comes to us from our guides, spirit, intuition or angels, when they share the needed wisdom that we need to make changes, we all agree and know that change can be scary yet necessary in our personal transformation, yet we can learn to flow with it not against it with the support, love and the spiritual power that comes from the unseen

My Journey & Travels With Meeting The Unseen, Receiving Assistance

I am led for this part pre going deeper into this E learning to share through personal experiences, I believe these to be the best learning practices for others, sharing through stories of the one who has not just experienced something, but who is teaching it.

Story # 1

I am in my late 30s. I am working as  a flight attendant doing international flights based out of Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. I go to visit an African psychic for an in person reading here in Vancouver. She feels like a soul sister upon meeting her and she takes great humour and enjoyment in my very then Leo big city no nonsense personality. She tells me I have always have the gift to communicate with animals, I have really never told anyone of this, It was just something I did and could do, as when I was young I would go into the woods and speak with the wild life, they would come and I felt the safest there in the woods alone and I could talk to my family dog without words by a look and a message to get Sandy to do things, my mother Doris would ask how do you do that?

Story # 2

Laying in my bed in my small studio space Toronto, five years into my full recovery from addictions, years and many lifetimes of all kind of abuse, you name it, have now lived through it and healed from it as this was back in 1992, yet at the time as I lay there, I was in a time of great grief, grieving and healing all of the years I had pushed down, in order to heal, it has to come out at some point. I lay there eyes closed, the pain and the dark night had been going on for a while. I was doing all the do things, seeing healers, had my Reiki level 2 which allowed me to have and see and believe in the visitations of angels and my animals spirit helpers when needed. On this night they the angels came, well it was one large angel. I am not sure to this day if my eyes were closed or open but I will swear to you this part is real, this large angel clear as day sat at the end of my bed and asked “Do you want to live or die Michael” I took my time pre answering, I was not freaked out by their presence as it made feel loved and safe and very much validated as in Angels are real as is the Divine.

I answered help me I want to live, please end this pain, He/She answered great, you shall live a long time and we will show you the way and then boom gone. I felt relieved, I had gotten my answer and I was thrilled that if I wanted to die, they would of granted this to me. I wanted to live more and glad that I did as I would not be here at 61 years younge sharing this with you, nor would I have had all of the adventures inbetween with the Unseen and Spirit from that point on, they the Heavenly Helpers are always with us from birth and when you least expect it or in your darkest times, they are the ones who bring you an earth angel in human form or another from the unseen, to guide, protect, assist and show you the way.

Who Are Our Helpers In The Unseen?

Spirit, God, The Divine, Buddha whomever you pray to and believe in

Our Angels & Guides



All lineages and forms of Reiki healing energy

Intuition and how to read, connect with Energy is the gateway, the pathway to be open to connect with the unseen

Our Animal Totems & Friends

Saints and powerful spiritual teachers who have gone before us

We leave you with this exercise to contemplate pre your next Email for lesson 2. 

Asking to yourself

What are my questions around this topic, and if I could (as in allow myself) to speak directly to my angels and guides what is it I would like to ask or tell them? And will I be OK knowing that their response may include humour and the practical? Do I believe in heaven and what is heaven really to my way of thinking?

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2021

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