How We Gain Wisdom

I always say, the best wisdom is wisdom like mastery that is earned over time, or as a wise teacher once shared, if learning was easy we would never gain anything worthwhile. Suffering is a natural form of being alive, we all get our good share of cuts and bruises and we also get our equal share of the good stuff, the blessings and the unseen Miracles filled with love and needed fresh air that land just in the right moment, that give the soul a pause to go ahhh thank you.

We gain wisdom by living, by trying, by seeking, then when a certain amount of knowledge joins our wisdom and intuition, we are on the path of self trust, a wise student of life and spirit does not bow before the false graces of I deserve but more from the I am worthy, never lingers in anger and resentment for long, knows the freedom that forgiveness brings, getting to all these different parts takes time and like I said, by living, by loving, by dreaming, by hurting and grieving your losses, moving on and learning from them, as well as sharing and celebrating your victories. 

These are only a few examples of how I beleive wisdom is gained and earned, anything worthwhile to obtain does not always come easy or fall into our laps. The spiritual path will offer you much is wisdom and blessings, yet we gain these through each new teachings to master, if you think the spiritual path is easy to quote the gifted teacher Marianne Willaimson, or as I like to say in my big city humorous ways, a cake walk, then your not on it and you’re certainly at the wrong bakery.

I learned the value of praying for wisdom, the tools and the graces when joined with spirit at the center of your life in the now moment, does contribute to one’s ability to choose wisely. Wisdom gained through the tough times, the challenges that stretches all of your beliefs, faith and resolve, will certainly assist in one to adapt and navigate all changing times and fortunes, as well the voice of wisdom will always tell you to rise, tomorrow is a new day, a fresh start, rise and keep growing and embracing all the stages of soul growth found on wisdoms adventurous trail.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blogf 2021

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