You Are Strong

Spiritual strength allows us to grow in our wisdom, the wisdom to know better than to give over all of our power to fear or to things that we cannot see that has yet to happen. Never judge a gentle or kind soul as a week one is one of my favorite teachings. For inside of that gentle, wise and empathic soul is the warrior who has gained his or her strengths through the practice of living connected to spirit.

We become inner strong, by facing the very things that frighten us and many times those very things or fear based voices turn out to be butterflies in disguise. I am a big believer in praying for the very emotions one needs at any particular time, the energy, a belief, the graces to see you through. As in; if you were going to a job interview, pray and bless all who will be there and ask spirit to speak through you, and to be at the center of all your communications that day.

We also become very strong within through the practice of prayer and meditation. We build up our spiritual muscles through the challenges and the winning times over fear, ego and following the tribe of popular public opinion and remain dancing to our own tune. intuition will always guide you home again, home to self, home to that inner resolve to stand strong in your light and be who you are with no apologies for being the color green when many are blue.

Our spiritual lineage, our ancestors, our beliefs, our soul family and friends, who always are cheering us on and our number one ultimate support is our connection to the divine. Reflect and look back where even in the state of fear, you were strong enough and guided out of the clouds of darkness into the light, time and time again, when I think of all the tight corners and at times life threatening situations I overcame. I know now, I was not alone. You this day are not alone in your strength, your power, your faith and your fellow warriors on the path of light are stronger than you think, reach inward to that resolve and power and let spirit guide you to your next victory.

In positive belief in strength, spirit and miracles when prayed for, be blessed this day, Michael

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2021

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