Polar Bear Spirit & Message…

All of our animal totems, helpers and healing guides, have much to share and help us with. I have always connected to the healing ways of old and receive messages and visions from my animal medicine helpers, especialy when I do self Reiki or when sending healing to others, when an animal totem shows up in a healing session, this shows me the healing and the power that this totem is blessings the clients and myself with.

I always show my gratitude when asking or when the animal healing totem comes in to help and share thier medicine, healing and wisdom. Polar Bear is a powerful omen and to embrace this medicine, to call on and use in your practice as a healer, can take a number of years to intergrade. This totem will show up and share thier healing medicine, protection and medicine with you when you need it the most, also a gracious reminder to never forget that the healing ancestors are always with you.

Polar Bear Message

“Take time to observe a situation, before choosing a course of action ” Another message of this powerful totem is that the Polar Bear has the resilience and grace to live through some harsh environments.

No wonder brother Polar bear has come of late, after that wow what a dozey of a full moon madness out burst expulsions energies, out in the world and in my work place the last few days, hmmm one for the books to be sure, as I ran yes ran into my cave to regroup, catch my breathe and to unplug and clear all the imprints flying about, whoo whee, onward in grace we go, and thank you Polar bear spirit and all the ancestors, prayers, spirit and guides that always see us through.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2021

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