Your Spiritual Journey Is Your Healing Journey…

What is a Spiritual journey anyway? What does it look like to you or feel like to you? Does it come all at once or is a gradual progression of one’s interest in more than what one can see on the visible plane?

Is a Healing journey the same as a Spiritual journey? Are they intertwined with your soul’s purpose and do most enter or realize they are on a spiritual journey once they embrace healing?

I feel they are both one in the same, as when we embark on a journey without any clear destination or clear goals of where we will arrive, then this often leads us onto the same path. The Spiritual and the Healing. Once our healing journey ramps up and ask us to be mindful of how we take care of our souls, spirit and body, then the natural progression of living and being on a spiritual journey, is the result of feeling and guided to certain practices that are not just good for one’s body, health wellness but for one’s spiritual evolution and soul.

I have been on both, to me they are one of the same, as it was the spiritual that led me to heal better, to find my true calling and to be at home in this crazy ever changing world and circumstance. It was the development of having a daily spiritual practice of prayer and journaling that gave me the needed awareness of how to best heal and serve.

“Healing” is an on going journey that when invited in“, transforms us through the energy of spirit to know grace. It is ever widening and expanding all the time, just as one does when they are fully on their spiritual journey, it is one in the same, you bring all parts of you to your day job and or calling whatever that may be, it is not separate. All things come together for the greater good of you when you embrace both parts as one and for the greater good of the world.

As I used to teach in all of my Usui Reiki classes world over, just by embracing, learning and hopefully using the level of Usui Reiki and having that experience from the class with the attunements or ceremonies if you’re taking the Holy Fire Reiki. That light that comes in during your class, expands from your heart, heals and blesses you and also goes out and contributes to the healing and light needed in this world.

We start where are, when on the path, you have the faith even when you feel all is just muck and trials, that spirit and the generous loving always listening universe to your prayers and acts of grace, does have the ability to right any circumstance, despite timelines and fears, look for the teaching in all situations, love self, forgive others and self.

Know this, as I wrote again in my journal this day, thank you god for this new day, each new day we get to begin again and prayer has a power to restore, revitalize as does all healing to ones hope, light and to be empowered and guided by all the blessings you find on your journey unfolding, your healing and your spiritual path of becoming “Om” home to one’s true self and nature, are one in the same, when welcomed in.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2021

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