Are We There Yet? Timing, Balance & Faith

When in your life do you find yourself getting impatient with your dreams or desires not coming to pass as quick as you would like? Do you believe that one can still have big aspirations and dreams even amongst our new now? Or; has the circumstances of our daily life found on the the news channels left you in a pit of despair of “what’s the use or why bother”?

The effects of having a positive mindset has been a basic teaching and inspiration since the popular books by Dale Carnegie were first published, though I always think of his name as someone who owns Carnegie Hall in New York City. While we come to catch our collective breath after many energetic challenges and feel the need for more rest pre moving forward. Then this would be a good time to do a Balance check in with yourself.

Is your life balanced, as in, is it time for more laughter, play, work, ambition, money goals, spending time with spirit in reflection, good people and not time wasters, are your thoughts positive and uplifting or addicted to an old repeat of awfulizing. Walk in balance in this life means, give your soul and energy some breathing space, all can be had and manifested when in Balanced with faith and divine timing.

Faith, faith in self is also a key ingredient when one is on the manifesting and living with spirit as you co/pilot, keep in mind, being spiritual and awake on the path doesn’t mean you never have a bad day or a time when you need to say a good swear word, perhaps the worst one out loud to release. Faith is now something that I have come to know first hand, as a powerful remidey to reach for when fear tries to grab all of my grace and hard work. Faith is a spiritual muscle well worth cultivating and I do ask spirit to assist me to have greater faith.

Now we come to the Timing. Timing comes into play when we have done all we can for now and then have the smarts to surrender all to spirit, as no one or nothing in our human hands could even begin to create the blessings and miracles, that come to pass once we let go, this type of abundance and magic if you care to call miralcousolius outcomes when prayed for and surrendered, has spirits hands all over it.

What if your angel sat on your shoulder and kept telling you to wait and take no action on a certain ongoing situation or problem that is beyond on your nerves. Would you take heed to the angelic wisdom or try to push a head? I always ask, when the guidance is take no action, as to what is the teaching? Then I reflect on how shall I spend my time while in wait mode. Not worrying or poking around the situation that’s for sure. I do believe that waiting is an action, yes I do, especially when the guidance comes from soul and spirit.

Are we there yet can now take on a different view when you invite the three sisters of wisdom in such as Timing, Faith and Balance, you will know you have arrived by the energy of ahh this all just sits so well and the confidence that you feel is authentically blessed by the gods, we are there in so many ways, the key is to find the blessings and the path forward different then before.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2021

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