Work With Michael, Services Offered

Here at Michaels Wisdom Blog & Events, we (as in spirit and myself) are always co/creating uplifting and fresh innovative services that inspire and empower all clients, as well as updating and fine tuning our well-known premium and classic services that are in sync with the energy of the times.

Since 2001 by word-of-mouth trusted referral worldwide, clients from all walks of life, both corporate and private, have sought out my professional talents and cultivated skills as a Master Intuitive, Motivator, Healer, Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Engaging Speaker and Spiritual Teacher.

New to Michaels work or returning, most popular & recomended

Given the times; we find ourselves lving in, I find it best to recomend a classic healing session with wisdom support and helpful intuitive guidance done by phone pre healing or a healing session with a reading, the reading is sent via Email post session. Having an energy healing with the Usui Reiki I offer , clears all stress imprints from within a client and that surrounds them, once this is done, then clients are ready to enjoy the benefits from booking a full talk session which I call an Emporment sesison.

 Premium Healing Sessions With Intuitive Guidance & Wisdom Support

Most popular format is clients receiving an intention-based healing or a series of beneficial healings to support and heal a particular issue, be it emotional, psychical or certain outdated beliefs systems, with choosing to receive helpful intuitive post session reading and valuable wisdom via E mail, from what my guides and myself see within the session, as in what is healed and what’s is in the process of healing. (All healings are sent via the long distance Usui reiki not in person)

1) Michaels Classic Healing & Wisdom Reading $150 (Wisdom will be sent post healing via Email)

2) Healing only $90.00

3) Healing & Wisdom By Email Series of 3 $425 Save $25 Series of 5 $575 Save $75

4) Full meal deal, 30-minute phone session, then healing, hour session $175.00

“Empowerment Sessions” By Phone

Empowement Sesisons Are The New Readings

Offers all clients the invitation to enjoy a combination of all of my best and trusted practices that include intuitive guidance, sound solution focused wisdom support, spiritual teachings. Thus, providing an uplifting, empowering engaging conversation. This service now takes the place of Readings, perfect for career advisory, spiritual healing path, relocation, money $$$ matters and manifesting abundance, relationships, living as an empathic intuitive soul and more.

Michaels Touch Point, Empowerment on the go, now clients who do not require a full 30-minute phone session can enjoy a 15-minute power session phone call, for one particular situation or problem, cost $65 (Offered to all repeat clients who have enjoyed a series or a 30 minute phone session with me)

1) 30 Minute phone session $100

2) Series of 3 x 30-minute phone sessions $270 (Done weekly over a 3 week commitment, intention based)

3) Series of 5 @ $450 and includes One Question Email reading, a bonus gift, sessions can be done weekly or when needed

Other Premium Services Offered

1) Space Blessing & Clearing creating and maintaining scared spcace with Energy Feng Shui. Now offered via the long distance Reiki world wide and in person, start rates $185, for more information and to reserve this service please contact Michael via Email.

2) Classes & E Learning by phone/Email, choose from 11 spiritually based topics, comes with workbook manual written by Michael 

To Book A Service With Michael

Please send your request by Email provided, please state in the subject line of your query which service you are requesting, all new requests will be answered promptly. New to my work, I invite you to enjoy and explore my writtings, energy, spiritual teachings and healing wisdoms found here at Wisdom Blog By Michael .

All clients will receive more helpful information in how best to prepare for their service to receive the maximum benefits from your session, all sessions once confirmed with a date and time are pre paid on the day of your reservation by E Bank Transfer or with PayPal.

There are no refunds for any service once booked and prepaid, if needing to cancel or reschedule, clients are welcome to choose another service or date and time within a two day notice pre their scheduled session.

I so look forward to welcoming you and contributing to your journey in wisdom, positive energy support, healing and abundance , Michael

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2021

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