Part 2, Are We There Yet???

In a recent post I wrote about timing, balance and faith. These, as individual topics or combined, never get old in their beneficial wisdom. I can remember summer travels while driving in my fathers big finned oversized OG Cadillac cross country, to see and connect with our relatives in the western part of Canada. How many times did I, my Mom or one of my many brothers or sisters along for the long drive, would ask father, are we there yet? Are we close? When can we stop and can we stay not at a truckstop motel that has a pool?

My father being an ex long haul transport driver, always knew the best truck stops and hotels for good food and fair prices. Of course I wanted the Ritz, the classy places I saw in magazines and on our black and white TV with two stations. Yes; this was another time long long ago. Summer is now with us in full heat wave mode as never felt before here in the west, our world lives in a lot of new times and never seen/felt before experiences. Case in point, how all of us, this past year and a half, have had to adapt and learn to navigate the best we can in our new now.

So in terms of spirituality are we as a collective there yet?

What about for your own personal journey at this time as we all become more WE focused while still traveling solo, summer 2021, are you where you would like to be? Or is more change calling to you from within?

Patience does offer many rewards as the saying goes. I love how my soul spoke clearly to me yesterday, when a disappointment more in the form of a self judgment set in, in regards to a creative project I had launched and have been working on, that did not go as planned or hoped for this round.

The wisdom came as I could feel myself being pulled into a self judgment vortex, “let it be, it is done, let it stay in the past” be at peace in this moment. One of the teachings I always welcome from my inner wise one goes as follows, stay focused and in gratitude for what you have and not what’s missing or not with you yet.

So are we there yet???

Answer for both questions poised above, not by a long shot, but I can tell you with spirits grace, that we have come a long baby with more roads to travel, truck stops or no stopping, be it in an old finned Cadillac as big as the moon, fast learjet or by the wise yet steady turtle express. What matters is what you bring on the journey. Will it be the same old same old, or new thoughts, creative insights that are from your spiritual center?

Leave the heavy lifting to our guides and helpers in the unseen, our job is to stay the course with the new, project love and hopefulness and trust in the big plan long term, some of us may not see the rewards in our life time for the collective good and intent, on a global scale of what we, as in all of us light workers, healers and spiritual warriors have been trying to contribute to for well over 50+ years till this moment in time.

But it will and is happening. Healing never looks like or feels like the word love while you’re passing through a dark night, but you sure can feel its positive lasting effects when in motion and the energy shifts within you, around you and now growing collectively. The light always has the dark and vice versa, when knowing how both operate and where to spend your time will always assist your arrival, with a more sane and loving compassionate filled approach, at the center of the journey.

Are we there yet? Only you can know this but if you listen beyond the news, spirits guidance and your own inner wise one, will speak to your essence and show you the way home as we all keep traveling and sharing in the light….

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2021

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