Time To Refill The Well…

Is your gas gage on full or is it on empty? Is your spirit and your soul calling out to you, sending or giving you an inner message to stop, be still and refuel the waters in your well. Like a river that runs dry, the vision is one that brings sadness as to, even nature needs our love, our prayers and our respect and so does your own life and soul.

My writing inspiration is always based on what I am traveling through, seeing, feeling and sensing in the world around me and within me. I once shared with a highly regarded acting teacher here at home in Vancouver, how when I know it’s time to take a break. As I will see in a self reiki session or in meditation, the visual of a gas gage below half empty, this is my que to take a time out and refuel and rejuvenate. Andrew loved the image and I could tell his fuel tank within took the message and needed to be filled up.

When on empty what do you fill your time and soul with? Hopefuly not more activity and stuff, as in the stuff of worry, the stuff of over thinking. This is not what your inner well and fuel needs. This past week, I could hear these words speaking to me calmly from within.

“You are not an endless well”, take a timeout to refuel and rejuvenate, wise prompting to follow and take action on, given our world dynamics of late as the world opens up, a blistering heat wave and a few professional space blessing Feng Shui jobs that pushed the buttons, in a reminder that it was time to be in the cool waters of self love, self care and self respect.

Its part of the ongoing learning to all of us doers of the world, to know when it is time to unplug and sit in the middle of a cool running brook, so you are actualy living the wisdom of your soul, ahhhhh thank you spirit, my gas gage is now ramping up to 80% out of 100% near full.

Tips on filling up the well..

Give yourself a day or two to unplug from all and this includes feeling the pull to answer all Emails and Texts

Soak in a long bath if your nearest river, pond, ocean or lake is too far to get to when your fuel gage is on empty

Avoid all types of heavy communications, if your grace needs rest and you can feel your energy shields on low and needing refinement

Allow yourself to feel what you need to feel, process and express as in if you need a good cry, let it out, we do not wallow in what is wrong or preceived hurts, yet we need to allow our spiritual centers the same level of grace and support as we offer others

One of the best tips to receive guidance, hand on heart, quietly ask self, your soul self, your inner child or warrior, what is it we really need at this time? Listen, then follow

Book a session with your healer, ask another to say a prayer for you, as you pray and ask your angels and spirit to bring you to higher ground

Reach for the Hagandazz, two bowels minimum and your favorite K drama or feel good Netflix

Happy refueling one and all…..

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2021

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