Finding Home, Maintaining Peace…

The most obvious place to find one’s home is to look within. We can at times perhaps forget that wisdom, thinking that home and who we should be is something outside of us. The world of illusions will certainly shine bright with many temptations, one must always check to see that the object or the feeling leading and pulling us, is the real deal and not fools gold. Illusions are just that, a heart centered soul will pick up on that fast and revert inward to home.

When we have healed enough, prayed enough and are in touch with an awakened intuition, connected to your soul, spirit and your guides, then the essence of home is always with you, no matter what changes may come, welcomed or not. As I live by creating and having a welcoming ambiance, for positive living with good flowing energy Feng Shui in all of my spaces. This plays a key role in one feeling at home within their external space. Smudging with some of my beloved sage always brings me home in an instant.

I can remember being on the road doing Reiki classes, group bookings and group reading events, while being hosted in some very busy cluttered homes, who were graciously hosting my stay. Finding the best place energetically to pray/meditate and set up my small traveling buddha and tea light. Sitting in the lotus while back leaning against the toilet in a bathroom. Within minutes feeling the grace that comes when we pray. I found home in that space, the space of spirit within me amongst lets just say not a temple setting, but in those ten minutes, it brought me home “Om” to who I am. Then I was ready for the day and did another gig happily.

Those who are at home in their own skin, gracious power and light are always a joy to be around. You feel it when near them and their energy radiates that, encouraging others to be at home in their presence. You feel safe and given our world how it is in the middle of great change, healing, pandemic and upheaval, we all long for that space within and outside of us to know and feel safe, peace and at home.

Home today, what does home mean to you? Where is your home? Have you found it in a certain creative adventure, a spiritual practice or a real place such as an apartment, a favored walk in nature, when you pray and meditate, does this call to you and know that you are home? We are home when we no longer worry about what others think, when we know we have and are doing our best, as good kind souls on this planet. Helping spirit and our world in the way we know how, love is home, healing is home, God’s infinite grace is home, you are home when you know this, home….

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2021

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