What Is Hurting You???

 Hurt, A Sign Post Towards Healing, Emotional Freedom & Transformation…

A new month of August is upon us and with each new month in our new now reality, it brings with it, its own cosmic calendar energy of global and personal events for one to heal, look at, release if need be, and to celebrate and to invite in new ways of living, seeing and how one can manifest and go about our journey.

Let’s just jump in shall we? Take some time in reflective wisdom and in your journal, answer the following two questions now or post reading the full article.

 What in your life, heart, thoughts, energy is hurting you?

What in your life brings you pleasure, peace and a certainty that no matter what the day or life presents, you will and are fully fine in your grace and power?

Hurting can become addictive as this is all I have ever known till you do not. I am not talking about that type of hurt, the hurt I speak of can be on the emotional scale of 9 to 100 with 100 being the max level of hurt. Hurt in one’s soul can also come from disappointments of always trying, trying, trying and not seeing the end results from all your efforts.

As I teach, when in a job, a situation that is less than favorable and is causing a low level of emotional hurt, then see the teaching as you are now in the process of Mastering the grace and wisdom of Patience. The hurt or discomfort is now transformed into a wisdom to assist you on your path, while not losing your faith and way for your desired goals and timing.

Hurting that lingers; means it is time to bring in a new way of loving and respecting yourself. Rome to coin an old phrase that says it all, was not built in a day. You will know intuitively if your Hurt is the awakened soul ready to move forward, ready to heal an old wound, ready to take a long overdue action. Our soul and inner wise one always knows what to do.

Hurting can also mean. I in my healed power of choice, am choosing a new way to live and express myself. I now see how long I have allowed myself to suffer or hurt, the awakening has begun. Life is all of our emotions. Any thought or mind set that say it always has to be happy, happy, happy without any pain from growth or elevated bliss, is in itself a warped view and not a true spiritual concept in my way thinking.

We heal all hurts depending if the Hurt is full of wisdom ready to be born or is an internal wound and belief system within you that has kept you protected, hidden for many reasons. We honor our awakened heart and spiritual knowing with this wisdom and know that all hurt at some point leads to a liberation of self.

So in closing; the Hurt that I am speaking of today is finding that center of balance that we all desire to live by, as in our plans, goals, dreams and what needs to heal so that we move past our hurts, yet welcome them in, when they are giving us the heads up that a needed change has finally arrived, that nothing has been a waste, that our power to heal and transform, is one of the many blessings that always blooms from the hurts that come from living and being an awakened soul.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2021

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