The Grace Of ReinVention…

I love the naitve Totem meaning of the Butterfly, this card if you’re using the wisdom of animal totem and spirit means, transformation. Today as I once again open up to all of the healing and positive changes that are now coming through. I see the Butterfly as an image of Reinvention.

This is why if your a regular reader of my articles or a client who comes for a wisdom chat or healing session. I am always speaking and sharing how the best parts of change and each new day offers us the new opportunity to reinvent ourselves and make changes, even with a baby step in a new direction, if you are not pleased with the path or where you stand today.

Reinvention would be the best asset and wisdom one could embrace and make it a part of your thoughts and energy, giving the way the world has shown us what is unfolding, healing and happening right before our very eyes. You can choose to look away or pretend you do not hear your soul or inner voice, calling out to you and perhaps it is spirit, trying to get your attention.

Reinvention keeps us fresh, on the ball and out of the stagnet waters of complacency. I know how real, scary and hard creating positive lasting change can be. We start all gun ho and if we allow the little weeds of fear or procrastination to enter, then it takes longer. Anger and that spirit of tears release in one’s full power, starts the graces of positive change and renewed reinvention.

We can be anything and anyone we choose to be, do not like where you have been or come from. Reinvent, no one needs to know the details of your new story, only you with spirit as your co/pilot so that the new beginnings are fueled with the power of grace, creativity and positive change that inspires and leads you to and attracts your new good. At times this is long and I mean long over do.

Do not wait till Covid madness is going to be over, we really do not know. This is where one’s ability and the power to adapt comes into play. As a wise soul brother, a Master on the path would say, “we still have to have our dreams, virus or no virus”. Reinvent and make it so by infusing your belief with the energy of hope, self trust and a refusal to stay as you were.

Call forth all other times from within your own calendar of change from the past, that created and brought forth those times of successful passage and new beginnings. One foot forward planted in earth and one connected to the hidden realms that are with your heavenly helpers, we call home and spirit.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2021

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