Anonymity Is The New Fame

I could also call this new story time article by Michael your welcoming host. Anonymity Needs To Be The New Fame as well. I think we have all had our fair share of living the Andy Wharols quote “in the future everyone will be famous for 15 minutes”. That has been quoted, adopted and used over and over again since he first said it. The reaction from others when I share that my T shirt this summer reads Anonymity Is The New Fame, brings a warm welcomed humourous knowing response, as to what the message is.

Fame as I understand it, from an old school perspective and a well worth adopting philosophy, does have its place, benefits and purpose, was always meant to be, a natural by-product for displaying and sharing a well earned talent gained over time to the world. Just as true style is timeless and comes from the inside out, fame was never meant to be the end result in my opinion.

Much good can come from fames promotional intent, when your products and needed services can do good in our world on many levels. When a salesperson a while back told me that a new face cream I was interested in was used by so and so. I forget now who the famous singer or actor was, she forgot to tell me in her promo speach what’s in the product first with the benefits and why I would do well to purchase.

The true innovators, in my way of thinking did not create something so that they would eventually become famous for famous sake. But to share with the world a service, a book, a needed philosophy, a cure, a product that would add to our world in the positive. It was not the end result or the fuel of one’s artistic talent, but an honest desire to do good buisness and creativity.

Having lived long enough at this point, while working alongside, serving and getting to know some truly famous folks professionally and others who are friends, that became famous through their talents. I can assure you; when at the breakfast table or after a stressful week, they are just like you and I reaching for that extra bowel or two of Haagen-Daz, while trying to get those creative chakras in alignment.

The only difference that fame has brought to their doorstep is a wider audience for their work and talents, the ones who learn quickly, once past the awe and money that new fame can bring. They get to work using their fame by choice to better and contribute to the good of our world . Did they desire fame for fame sake? Who knows, but when asked with honesty and a certain level of grace, who amongst us for whatever reason, did not desire it at some point, be it to celebrate and share with the world our gitft and talents, more so than to make up for when there was a gap in ones confidence and true selfworth.

Fame did not change me came the relpy when asked of the truly famous? I just grew into it. In closing; What would your summer T shirt read? Be as outrageous, creative, fun and wild as your inner stylist would create, without worry of anyone selfing you while you shop at the market, or the style auditors chasing after you to get a insteresting photo. Wear your chosen words with gusto, creative pride and welcome in a new summer, famous or not…

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2021

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