How Is Your Discipline & Commitment???

Spiritual discipline and commitment is not always spiritual in nature, unless committing to a practice daily that includes prayer and meditation. I am a big prayer warrior more than a meditator, though I did take the time in my learning years ago to commit to and do. The visual to this new article, relates and tells a respectful story of how Master Monks in training and or post training care for their few possessions, and will polish one wooden bowl mutipule times as part of their daily discipline of commitment to order and cleanliness, now to me that lays the foundation for a true path of being fully present.

The grace is in the doing and it does take a certain amount of discipline and commitment to retrain your thoughts into more self caring and self empowering kind words and thinking, as in creating a new story for ourselves and as I always share with my clients, nothing changes unless we commit and put in the repetitive action required to retrain and shift our focus. The teachings of the ones who choose to walk the Master Monk path, have so much to teach us by example and commitment.

What one thing, action, need or thought pattern do you need to adapt and create a new change, either in how your perceive it or how you care to make a positive change? Recently I chose to no longer use the word lack in my vocabulary and this means never. It is working, I just replaced it with one that is more empowering and working for me in the now. The seed becomes the wild large strong and admirable oak tree over time, not in an instant and another teaching I am famous for saying “if Mastery was easy, then we would never learn anything if it came with cake and not trying or effort”.

Today, may the graces of your wisdom reward your heart with Hope, Endurance With Grace and Abundant Blessings, Michael 

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2021

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