Your Spiritual Toolkit…

“Focus on your good, not your problems, as in count your blessings, not the road blocks”

Michael, how long should I meditate? When I was asked the question during one of my many seminars, my reply was always said in joyful humour, as well as to make one reflect on the answer, “As much as you worry”. Whether you’re an Urban Zen Master or living a remote life out in the woods. One always needs to have and build a solid foundation beneath their feet, one foot grounded in earth and one in the heavens.

Your Spiritual Toolkit is how you harness your energy daily to meet any and all unexpected challenges and constant change, as well as being an astute manifestor and co/creator with spirit. We are all living as one in our new now, that one being, all are going through this collective experience and how you choose to navigate, adapt and view these globally and personal transformations in connection with the earth, our animals and each other, will be with the positive aid of all your helpful tools you have gathered and are collecting for this massive healing journey at this time.

One’s Spiritual Toolkit

Prayer is the antidote for all situations and the conduit that precedes all Miracles, as in pray now not later

Meditation, to assist with living in the now with a grounded grace, positive focus like prayer, power and energy

Reiki practice all lineages, for self and others, to clear, heal and uplift ones soul body and spirit

Journal writing, self expression to work out the details of one’s reflections, process, dreams and desires

Soul Companions of the like minded kind

A great sense of humour and not taking all of this life so personally

Know your triggers and wait a beat pre reacting or answering when in confusion or fear

Cultivate and gather wisdom, self worth, self respect, self esteem and bring in through spirit, Spiritual Power

Forgiveness, certainly heals one’s heart faster than bathing in lingering resentment of being lost in the past or future

Release the suffering but hold to the lessons learned

Adopting a spiritual practice daily, yes even 5 minutes when you pray, settle and surround yourself with the light of spirit, your guides and angels does make all the difference

Cultivating patience and a trusted intuition connected to source, this means beyond all the news and on all social media hype, we must now more then even turn inward and share a positive view to others and ourselves, regardless of the growth pains, it does matter and does contribute to the energy within your well being, sanity, joy and that of others and our world.

Adopting spiritual and healing practices, beliefs that are grounded in the practical is key, as well as developing an inner warrior who guards your graces against falsehoods and there are lots floating out there, as well as one’s inner sabotage that can be triggered by environmental and human imprints and projections.

Stand in your integrity, truth is truth as you and your gut and instincts feel and know this.

Faith, Gratitude, Hope, Compassion, Kindness, Healing, Love, Grace, Prayer all are part of the top ten tool kit list

Be mindful of your Words, said to self and others, Words hold great power to uplift and inspire as well as the opposite

Live and keep coming back into the now moment of time, it is the safest place to navigate and heal in

Which one of the above tools shared are you called to bring more of into your own Spiritual Toolkit at this time? Check in, allow intuition to guide and assist with your answer. Spirit always has your back, the voice of wisdom and light speaks in whispers, never a loud bang.

Stillness in one’s inner strength can attract the blessings and carry you on through, so that amongst living in these new now times, we travel with hope, withstanding the ups and downs, as we read what is ours in our energy field and what is not. These are but a few of the graces of having a trusted Toolkit.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2021

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