Walk With Wolves

Welcome all,

I am pleased to let evyone know that I will be offering a series of new articles here at Wisdom Blog By Michael, on the wisdom and healing power that comes from our Animal Totems and Helpers. In native we call this, our medicine helpers as the animals bring and share many blessings, healing and love, when we walk in balance with them, with respect and show our gratitude for their assistance, healing power and protection.

We now offer what we can in all ways, to help them heal and keep thier earth habitat for survival. Through my journey of healing, being healed and then becoming the Master healer teacher for others, I often worked with the healing ways of old which include animal medicine. This is where you or your soul can call on a certain animal to bring the healing, guidance, protection and assistance you need.

The other thing about working with the healing ways of old and the animals totems, is that they can also be calling on you to use them and connect with them. Today we start with my friend and protector the wolf. Known for his/her ability to find new pathways for themselves and their clan as well, they are the closest to us humans in carrying the same emotions, yes all of them. They are great hunters, very psychic and intuitive, have complete endurance when need be and are 100% loyal to their small clan and will take one mate for life.

I am honoured to receive these visions and healing meditations within my self reiki and healing sessions, that I can share with clients and others. I have been using and working with the animal power totem divinity cards for well over 33 years, when I was a popular in person full time reader, these were the cards I used and still choose to use, to add to a clients reading with wisdom and healing light, that these blessed cards and the animals offer.

The Vision & Healing

Great wise grandfather elder dark gray wolf has come to me, bringing with him one of his powerful all white female apprentices that he has taught, cared for, mentored and showed her the way in being the leader and pathfinder, to succeed him as he now has fulfilled his mission to gude, heal and teach many. He is wise and ancient and ready to retire to the big hunting ground with great spirit in the skys, the heavens.

He introduces her to me, he tells her, go walk with Michael, be by his side on his earth walk, show him the way of being the wise teacher and offer him your protection through all these new challenging times. You two are a good fit, Michael. She is young in years but has all the making of the clan leader great alpha, you are the perfect match as I know you are very picky and discerning in the extreme, when it comes to bringing in new or other types of medicine and wisdom.
Before it was done, the meeting and healing vision was brief but felt long in its essence and ritual and when I came to.

I had to remind myself to do a proper farewell and ritual to honor Great Grandfather Dark Gray Wolf for this gift and all the years watching and caring over me, humble to say the least, touched deeply in my heart with gratitude for this connection and all I have received. As I rested that day and night, I could feel and see White Wolf by my bed, she enjoys being here and I am so grateful to welcome her. As I journey and continue to walk with wolves.

Thank you honourable great grandfather dark gray wolf and all of your clan, for your grace, love, power, strength and healing in my life, and how I was able to pass this on to others, for thinking enough of me, to bring a replacement. I honour you and our ancestors, our joined clann and now Great White Wolf of the mountains.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2021

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