The Animal Totems Of Psychic Knowing

There are more than a few Animals that are very psychic and have the ability to foresee and know things just like us humans, if not more. When I was a budding Reader, studying the path of the all things healing, shamanist ways, Usui Reiki and animal totems and medicine, working with them for healing and wisdom for self and a growing client base.

At the Reading table I would often call on the animal totems that I knew were my helpers in one’s ability to perceive, see and receive messages. Just as our angels and guides can show us and pass information, so can our spirit animal helpers and totems. Using the word totem in this case, I refer to being connected with a sure belief in the wisdom and healing power of our animal friends, our ancestors and family.

The Psychic Winged Ones & Others

Owls, the ability to see and know clearly, can perceive, hear and see in the dark what others may not see or be aware of. In some cultures seeing Owl is an omen of death, I do not use it for this, yet it can inform you of a death of an old way of living or a time that no longer serves in ones spiritual transformation.

Crow, the shape shifter, seeing the three fates, past, present and future, is always calling you to become your true self in present time, the messenger and all of the black birds do not like in the movies mean anything dark, they are a blessing with wisdom and magic to share.

Raven, the Magician, who can bend with spirit the laws of fate and the bringing of magic as in use your imagination to co/create and bring in a new way of seeing things and to attract, Magic.

Weasel, the great seer, in ancient times with kings or the leader shaman of a tribe would always ask and trust the weasel to bring all the information needed, to know of any coming waring tribes, wessel is great in business and taking risk, for no one call fool or outsmart them.

Lynx, the mysterious seerer who holds many stories, ask and perhaps if she feels like it she will share, loves to stay hidden but will certainly show up in a pinch when called on to show you the way.

Walrus, mighty and strong with her or his tusk facing out front to protect and hunt, the seer of the sea and like the whale holds the stories of the old ways as far back as the world began.

Wolf, highly intuitive, psychic, the path finder whose strong knowing assist in finding the best hunting grounds and spaces to call home, away from danger and like many humans who carry the gift of psychic ability, seeks places to be alone to rest and refuel from the busy times of hunting and beiing on high alert for danger, also to maintain there love of the pack and to play and share through their magnificent howling.

There are many more. I connect more with the North American animals and native symbolism as this is the land where I grew up in, receiving most of my learning, although I do have connections with far away lands like Africa and the animals that reside there.

You call to the ones you need wisdom, protection and healing from or a desire to learn from and to give back to with your prayers and healing abilty. When I am in a new city world over, I always call on the great directional ability and finding my way in new terrain from brother and sister Wolf. You need to know if a certain place is the right space for you, ask Owl to give you the heads up and a sign, you choose the sign and Owl will verify.

There is always so much we can learn from the healing ways of old and our animal totems and helpers, now more than ever, the world of Iphone mania and news media fear does not hinder their ability to always stay in connection with the land and ones pure instincts, our job as always is to heed the wisdom and guidance we are receiving and not reject.

May your journey with your animal totems and healer wise ones, provide you with another way to navigate and adapt in these new times, to know and feel connected and never alone, you only need to call on them, or they in their graces from your ancestors maybe calling on you.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2021 

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