Is It Madness Or Healing Transformation???

No; its not a full moon or mercury retrograde again with all of its peaks, emotional stretching valleys that can come with the cosmic energy calendar. Would you consider all that you personally and globally as a whole are walking through and experiencing at this time AS Madness, Hype or Transformation. There are other ways to view this, and like all challenges that come to us on our healing journey, and this life is a healing journey of awakening and learning to be the master of a positive mindset and more.

Madness, a form of out of control worrying and fear that takes route and can be a sorry excuse to following the footsteps of insanity and fear if one does not maintain a practice that allows you and assures you, that spirit is guiding and running this ship of our new now. People and fear creates madness, Spirit and light creates transformation. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the storm knowing it passes into greater energies of honesty, love and healing.

Transformation, many of our respected spiritual teachers and authors speak of this time in our world as a global and personal transformation. It is profound as never in our history have we joined in, to live as one through the same experience. It is how we as individual souls choose to view it, see it and transform through it. I pray daily for the graces of, endurance, adaptability, to be an astute navigator, to hold to a positive hopeful miracle mindset in living day to day, one day at a time. All can be endured and adapted to one day at a time. The trick is not to fall prey to any and all collective fears and you may feel them more strongly than others times pre pandemic, but they were here.

Grace and Healing Transforms Madness when invited in. When you use your prayer power to infuse all parts of you adapting as we go along. Choosing with intuition and spirit to know what is real and what is not. That amongst all change and the painful parts we feel and have compassion to, we still hold to our graces, that joy can be had, that dreams are still with us to co/create and follow through with. We see and live in boths worlds, the Kaos and the Beauty, no denial, all now on one journey of transformation and healing. The outcome we cannot see as yet, but when we live in this one moment, holding with faith, grace, courage and spirit, we are home to the truth of light, and thus maintaining the light through a hopefulness, that is as real and powerful, just as spirit and your faith is.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2021 

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