Bear Spirit, Healing & Protection

“Bear spirit, walk with me on this healing journey, you are powerful, wise and your healing medicine, assures me safe passage into greater peace and inner knwoing of strength”

The totem, wisdom and healing power of bear spirit. Bear came to me on my healing journey many years ago, she continues to share her wisdom and healing with me and protection. Think of the majestic largeness of the bear, black bear, brown bear and the magical grace of the polar bear, all hold their own meaning and powers in the realm of healing. One of the first amulets as a gift given to me for a healing, was the bear totem on a cord, that had been passed to the younge soul from a native elder, I knew then, Bear was walking with me as I earned my strips as a healer.

I call on the totem of the bear as I would archangel Michael when needing extra protection. Bear, the healer and protector brings comfort and healing when called in. Entering the bear cave of silence is an expression I use when it’s time to go into my cave of retreat from the world, rest, chill out, heal, create and bring forth healing if needed, also a great place of reflection and inner peace. Bear has shown me their ability to heal, guide and protect, for self and many others and clients over the years.

Mother bear watches over her cubs with a fierceness and one would be wise not to mess with or disturb. Polar bear comes to those Master healers who have walked the good medicine way with shamanistic tendencies to bring healing to others, a five year passage of integration when she shows up to the healer to use and call on her powers and medicine.

Bear to me brings comfort and like the badger when called on, can bring up a specific type of healing to heal and cure, We always show our gratitude to any of the animals we call on that come to us, simply put, thank you I honour you with my love, gratitude and respect. Call on the bear for the presence of healing and protection, and as I teach, always ask your angels and spirit to bring forth or the spirit of the healing bear, that she / he is the one who has been assigned to you from your tribe, your ancestors and spirit.

The healing power of bear, walking with all healers and guiding and protecting all on their path of peace, healing and power. 

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2021  

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