Practices In Dissolving Fear “Helpful Tips”

Good morning fellow soul tribe, I thought given our world and are new now times, that keep expanding and transforming, I would share from one of my E Learning classes that was created well over a year ago, the simple yet effective Meditation Prayer in dissolving fear continues to help many clients daily,

It was most helpful to me during a time years ago when I lived day to day, never knowing where the work or the money would come from, yet it always did, may this prayer and teaching bless your day, give it try and allow your soul to breathe a new light of peace, hopeful inspiration and letting go, Michael 

From the series and Master seminars “Fear Is Not Your Friend” By Michael
MA Events

Here is a simple yet effective (the best kindy really) Meditation Prayer that takes no more than Five glorious minutes, placing you in the driver’s seat of your day with Spirit as you trusty copilot

Sit is a comfortable position, this can be in front of your Altar or any place in your space that brings your energy into positive Feng Shui peace

Close your eyes and surround yourself with the white light of love, spirit and the graces of the angels, this is your shield of grace for the day that guides, uplifts and protects

Say these words to self or out loud written below, I like to speak my prayers and meditations out loud, whatever works and feel organic to you and your soul’s calling

I unplug my energy sockets from all global fear, from the outer and inner stresses, from the energy of scarcity and lack ( you can also include a specific place, person or situation) you are unplugging from vibrations or energy that is not serving you and in the process are casting out fear…

I plug all of my energy sockets in the God source, into Spirit’s light, the divine energy, I connect to the energy of Faith, of Love, of Grace, I plug my energy sockets into faith, into living with gratitude…abundance mindset and heart

Spirit clear and cleanse my energy from within and outside of me that is not of your light and grace, infuse my energy with your light and love and the energy of abundance

Be at the center of all of my acts of service and communications this day, asking that you and the angels watch over me and be with me…Thank you…

Now, send the energy of love to the world, to where you will be and serve this day and surround those that you fear or are unsure of that are pulling on your energy past or present and bless them with the light, circle them and all situations with light and spirits grace and healing light…

Bless this day, surrender all to spirit, as in allow spirit to take the wheel, drive the bus as my soul brother would say…

Fear can always be cast out by love, yet to get to that place of love and empowerment we must meet our souls needs with faith and the diligent practice that contributes to making all things real and powerful along our journey…Do this meditation prayer once a day for eight days, I assure you, it has blessed my life, my work and learning to a greater place of inner peace, abundance and grace which are my friends not fear…

Shine on in your grace and light…

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2021

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