Badger Medicine “The Healer”

I love the Badger, their character traits I relate to as a healer, but also as a human being when needed to get things done and not cave to fear. Call on Badger medicine like the bear when you need a specific healing, they are fearless and creative to get the job done. As always I teach, be sure to ask with reverence and gratitude for their assistance, as the connection grows, once they connect and come to you, there is a way to work with animal medicine and healing, which I will write about in another post.

Badger the healer, will use her medicine root from earth to create a potion to heal what ails you, she is known for assertive action and at times overly aggressive. She, like the skunk, is known by her reputation and when I need that extra dash of courage and va va voom. I call on Badger to bless me with the communication skills to say what needs to be said, while remaining grounded in my full power. She will find the cure, she is very connected to earth medicine and wisdom. Few will mess with the Badger, though she is meant to be honoured, not feared, wildness is wildness in a pure habitat, must never be expected to be anything but.

We also call on her to help us achieve our goals when we are feeling weak or too shy, she is bold and we all have that boldness inside of us, there is nothing spiritual about shying away from a confrontation that needs to happen or playing small. She is the finest essence of a healer. I respect and admire her 100%. When I was working full time as a healer, I would call on her medicine to assist with certain clients that needed the big medicine and I could tell they were to open it. Badger, we honour you and your healing medicine roots and we say thank you. Keep sharing your no nonsense out the way to get the job done, to help us reach the finish line of our healing goals and life intentions in grace.

,Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2021

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