The Wisdom Of Turtle, Patience

Slow and steady wins the race; Totem Of Turtle 

The wisdom and medicine of Turtle represents and means, to take things slow, her totem offers us many positive meanings, reminders and blessings, as all of our animal spirit helpers and totems do. Turtle ask that we adopt one of the powerful graces and it is a grace, which is Patience. Not an easy task for all of us doers and get the job done kind of person or energy.

Patience does have many rewards, especially now in regards to this new fall full moon, the new mercury retrograde as well as how our world of ups and downs in the global energies can be. The wisdom of Turtle always comes to calling when it is time to slow down, practice patience and allow things to unfold. She is the mother earth symbol and you can most certainly pray to her for your blessings, when things seem out of order as well when needing abundance.

I love her shell and for years I wore a native turtle amulet and a large jade one, given to me by one of my best fellow healing masters on the path, sits on my altar. Turtle holds many positive meanings from many cultures as in the east such as Asia or Japan, and in the practices of Feng Shui she represents wealth and royalty, no mistake that in the period pieces of a good K drama. The king would have a gold turtle as his seal.

Call on her essence and healing ability to move slowly in our world, when you find yourself out of balance, and like bear, when it is time to enter into your bears cave of silence and peace. Turtle has much to teach us, we only need to follow her wisdom and caring light. Her shell protects her from attacks, great medicine for when your boundaries feel weak or inundated by the energies of others, the world and she is also capable of giving a warning snap.

Today in our get it now and fast instant culture, can leave steps out of your dreams, awareness and wishes when rushing to much. Turtle come to me, be with me and show me the way that I know the grace of patience in my life, my healing intentions and for my dreams and desires. Patience and walking slowly does not mean not arriving or wishes that may not come. It is the assurance that everything in its own time, when left to bloom, offers more than enough blessings, to remain, stand tall and still in this present moment.

Turtle thank you for your wisdom and reminder to walk with patience and certainty of purpose all in its own time.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2021

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