Spirit, Next Adeventure, Where To?

Often in life; we may think we have to control and do everything on our own. Yet there is a great resource available to us, within us and this is the pathway that spirit and intuition will guide, lead and show you the way, by surrendering the controls. We may think our job, our callings, how we earn our living and how we present ourselves to the world must be fabulous, with prestige and titles that others admire. Nothing wrong with that, yet, when you ask yourself, is it the right fit and path for you?

So many people dislike their jobs, they stay out of financial insecurity and of course we as a global unit, all are living with the constant vibe of the new now and great uncertainty. We can be certain of our own faith, connection to spirit and our own integrity. No one wants to hear amongst these new times, the call of your soul or spirit, as in pick up your bed and walk, it’s time for a new job and new life adventure. That’s enough where you have been. The courage, when this call comes, is to not base your choices or staying put based on the past or what’s in the bank.

It takes a great heart of wisdom and courage with spirit to say yes to leave something that is done and embrace something that has yet to form. A great spiritual teacher and well known author once said to me, when I quit a job that I thought would be a dream job, suited to my passions with big bucks as what was supposed to be a full on 5 star upscale hotel and casino attached. I had visions of classy OG luxe Vegas style gangsters passing me $1.000 tips and movie stars enjoying my service as a VIP traditional doorman. Only to find out that was not the case.

Though I did get to serve a few world famous rock stars and they were generous and appreciative of my door openings and welcomes. The words that were said to me at that time, gave me all the inspiration I needed to adopt faith, let go and let spirit.

I was told in my prayers to surrender all to God and say these words “Spirit, next adventure where to”? To release all the what ifs, the buts and how much would I make. The importance here, would be to know that all work has meaning and sometimes, we must take the show on the road and give all over and the job search to spirit, to lead, guide and show us the way. I can assure you, spirit has always led me to even better, more suited greener pastures in my work life adventure. Sometimes for longer or shorter periods of time, I always had the willingness and the intuitive smarts to see and find the gold within the adventure with gratitude, once I let go.

There are times we must endure and that makes sense to me, as it builds strength of spiritual character. Using gratitude as our daily compass and inspiration to stay the course. Then; there are other times out of the blue, we release the fear and allow the graces of all of our angels and heavenly helpers to step in and create those desires, with the word Miracles stamped on them to arrive. Yet we must take the first fearless step in prayer and ask, “Spirit, next adventure, where to? Then allow the process to unfold, keeping it all in the now as in today, one hopeful step and faith filled prayer at a time.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2021

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