Age Is A Number, Your Never To Old For A New Path…

As I enter into being on this planet for over 60+ years. Age comes to mind and it never has before. I do see ageism in the workplace and I wonder at times, where are all the mature professionals when we have openings where I work. I am always promoting, looking out for, asking my boss, can we attract some older individuals for these positions.

Perhaps they have retired, or have given up trying, I certainly hope not. One is never too old for a new adventure or to make a new change in one’s life. I mean you can tell yourself what’s the use at any age, due to fear or any number of reasons. This is where the power of faith and believing in self but also one’s connection to spirit comes in. In my own life. I have recreated myself more times that I can count, reinvented and had more than ten successful professional careers. Call it a past life where I did not get to live as I wanted to. From a very young age I had to travel, see the world and try everything on for size, to experience all, so I did not miss anything this lifetime.

Regardless where you sit today, if you are even in that place of I am too old, too burned out to care, too tired of trying and these times of what I refer to as Covid Madness can certainly hit you with trying energies, as we are all transforming. Learn to know the rhythm of our new energies with your own, flow with the new dances and dreams that are trying to work their way into your life. Take the spiritual high road and use a few of these positive tips to relight the fire of self worth, creativity and the love of a new adventure. Spirit and I are cheering you on here.

1, List all your fears or what you perceive as roadblocks? Now, release them into the flame of your prayers to be purified and cleaned by spirits light, replace them with new energies of your choice through asking spirit to download them into your being.

2, The dream list and the what I desire list, want what you want, write it all out, not what you think you can have or what your current or past CV is, grow and go beyond that.

3, Find a short prayer of positive words that work for you, such as “I am a powerful cocreator with spirit, a magnet for divine good” this is not an affirmation, it is a short positive self-talk prayer.

4, Clean out the clutter, this is Frog medicine at work. Go through your home, your clothes and release all that is no longer you or vibing the energy that supports who you are in the now. Old energy gets stuck in all types of places, this works, and start fresh.

5, Give over all to spirit in your prayers and I mean all, ask spirit and intuition for guidance, then follow through, if you do not hear any guidance, thats your answer, do nothing and wait, yet fill the waiting with what you love. Stillness, Self Acceptance, Surrender….

6, Keep it simple, live one day at a time, keep all in present time and do not base your now on the past.

7, Love yourself even more, call in the graces of spiritual power and self respect

8, Stop trying to fit in, creating the new requires no time spent in self judgment or contributing to fears, when they come, hold your heart and turn to the graces of prayer.

Age is a number, it offers us wisdom, experiences that are worth gold when you seek them out from your own story and it is your own story. Create one that now lifts you up and validates all those life experiences that have made you who you are. Such a blessing, that all of us who are now in the mature sector can pass along our learned and earned wisdom to others, so that they may dream their dreams and try, as age truly is only a number, from the first number 1 and onward well into the high 8os, and 90s, we are never to old or too young to try, reach and allow our souls to grown into who we are are meant to be, regardless of times frames.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2021

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