Michaels Best Wisdom Tips…

I am a big lover of Wisdom, using, gaining, learning, embracing and teaching from Wisdom. Hence the name of this blog and when Wisdom Blog had an instagram account for 5 minutes, the word Wisdom was in the title. Wisdom gained through adversity will always provide you with a new landscape once you land on the other side of the teaching, Like I always say, if gaining any form of Mastery came easy, how would it stick and stay.

For this week’s Wisdom Blog post. I am gladly sharing some of my most favorite gems of wisdom that you can use, share and or comtemplate on, the best wisdom can come fast, slow over time and simply, stays after much trying and toiling the healing soil of your life to learn and master. Just hearing one word, a phrase or reading one line in a book can trigger in a good way, that energy of grace, healing and knowing that spirit has your back and you are on the right track. These types of validating points are extremely beneficial and helpful at this time in our new now world.

Michaels Favorite Wisdom Tips / Gems, a few of many gained over the years

1) Release the pain embrace the learning, cannot remember where I picked this up, I believe it was in a counseling session with a teacher who knew her stuff

2) Do not look to see who scared you, ask yourself why are you so afraid, this will offer big healing and came to me from a new book by Caroline Myss which is comforting and brilliant, the book is called Intimate Conversations With The Divine

3) Healing is a inner journey that when embraced and not questioned with the mind, offers us a transformation in grace, I wrote that in one of my manuals on healing

4) Embrace the life that is trying to unfold not what you think should be happening, again by Miss Myss

5) Let it be enough and this means to me, where you stand this day beyond always need need need wishing wishing wishing and wanting wanting things or your life to be not as it is in the now, great healing power in acceptance and surrender, the motivation for this one came from a great fellow respected healer teacher soul brother Master Jose Leon

6) The practice of gratitude allows your abundance to expand and bring even greater blessing of abundance in your life and as we all know, abundance is not always about stuff, money or career ambition, its a feeling as Dr Wayne Dyer and the lovely Colette Baron Reid teach and share in their work

7) There is no substitute for the truth. Period

8)  Forgivness frees us from the psychic energetic cords and bonage from others and past pain

9) Intuition Mastery invites you to use three simple steps to know if what your inner voice is telling you is the truth. Ask yourself when receiving guidance and you’re unsure of it? Is this truth, the voice of wisdom, sabotage or wishful thinking and wishful thinking to my way of living is equal to denial, this part comes from my Intuition Mastery class that I teach online and in person seminars when one can in our new now times

10) Spirit is source and I am a magnet for divine good, a great chant and reminder to self when changes flows fast or not fast enough, a great mantra to speak to self, assist with dissipating all fears of financial insecurity or when living in the between times pre your new good arriving, gigs or jobs

11) Forget being fabulous special to the point of standing out attracting tons of unnecessary attention, fly under the radar until your soul has the stamina and self worth to withstand the attention or the darker side of any form of fame, giving yourself the permission you need to follow the road less traveled, flying under the radar refers to the wisdom one needs when the landscape is to busy with unsafe projections and falsehood buzzing around.

There are so many more as I said or referred to at the beginning of this new Wisdom article. I am a lover of wisdom. Just hearing that one word can change a person’s life and inspire them with the hope and courage they need to make the journey across a new path, that seems scary and difficult, this is why having and welcoming a spiritual practice that includes prayer, Reiki and meditation is key to our own growth in Wisdom and Power, to always know to do the right thing as my other soul brother Alexander in Korea would say

All of my work that I share and offer clients as a healer, spiritual teacher, reader, motivator, writer, speaker and Usui Reiki master all come from the base of spirit, healing, inspiring others and for my own life with wisdom

This includes all of our learning and teachings that are spirit lead for the evolution for our souls. I will close with this, as it is on the lighter side of wisdom, the late great psychic Sylvia Brown would share, love god, do good then shut up, get off the stage and go home. Practical, humourous and to the point, Wisdom in all of its many forms and graces

Blessings to each in Wisdom and Grace on your path this day, Michael

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2021 

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