Lets Talk Energy Feng Shui

What is Energy Feng Shui? It’s a name that I created to include in my space blessing and clearing professional services and manual, that I wrote to be included for all of my popular learning seminars on the top of Space Blessing and the art of.

Energy is in all things, I say this many times over and over for many different reasons, I feel that those five words say it all, if you are tapped into your intuition, are empathic or even if your not, you can break it down that all can feel the effects of positive or negative energy, this include the energy that a soul exudes both positive and dark.

As a novice reader, I was took quick to judge as good or bad, never thinking, ok so this client or this person I work with makes me feel uncomfortable, most times I related it to a fear base analyzation until I was able to grow my compassion and have greater boundaries and the ability to decode, its not always bad energy that you feel as in just bad or dark, these are peoples fears, toxic unhealed vibrations stuck within them that need love and healing, it can also be sorrow masked as fear. Usually, it is some form of pain.

Knowing all this as a highly empathic person out in the world and when I serve clients, keeps me from the judgments, we now feel a lot of these darker or fear based unhealed energies floating within our daily environment, they have always been there, yet the past two years with living with Covid madness, we feel it a lot more as the world is now going through a collective healing and transformation, like it or not kids..

This is why I love the practices and the positive rituals that come from the art of space blessing, clearing and energy Feng Shui. We are given practical tools to clear a space and to understand from a more spiritual healing perspective, how energy in all things affects us. From simply moving your chair to the left side of the room, releasing an old love note, you are creating a new energy space for your new good and healthy flow of new uplifting energy to live in.

Excited once again to be teaching the blessings of Energy Feng Shui and the Art Of Creating Sacred Space through my new class, which is one on one by phone, and all clients who have registered will receive my manual that I wrote and have been using for many years. When we move energy intentionally in our space, things get unstuck and get moving and this is within us through healing and Reiki and on the outside of us, by doing a quick smudge and a dusting, is an act to open up the space and attract the blessings and release the old.

We are not meant to remain in any stagnant waters of living, we flow with the times when we understand and adopt certain practices that give our own energy and living work place a lift, energy is always flowing, it can get blocked, yet when we know this or how to clear and open the flow. Then we are the magnets of good fortune but also the wise who can more readily adapt and navigate all changes and flow, with a greater sense of ease, faith and no freaking out.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2021

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