The Presence Of Angels…Believe

I do believe as the old saying goes, angels rush in where fools tread or something of that nature. Meaning; with out any help or calling on from us, they do walk with us. Having read for well over 3.000+ souls in my healing practice, as well on my own journey, angels have appeared in all forms, sometimes human and sometimes from the heavenly realms.

Angels are real

Guides are real

Spriit is real

Healing is real

You on your quest to know more and connect with the spiritual is real. We all develop our own beliefs system in connection to angels and spirit, that is personal to us. We can chat with them out loud through out the day, to ourselves and of course in the graces of prayer. You only need to ask; they will appear to you in the form that your soul and consciousness is comfortable receiving. Certain people in my life I call my angels or place the word angel in front of their name, when sending them a note or Email.

We have the angels of healing to call on, the angels of protection and abundance and so on. I like to add this to my prayers when I am praying for a situation, when I  pray at times for others, that spirit bless a situation or a person with more than a few earth angels, these will be kind souls showing up to offer support as well from the heavens, covering all the bases.

My name Michael is from the arch angel Michael. Not sure if my mother Doris named me after the angel. I also like other meanings of the name. Angels bless me with your graces, love and light this day, watch over me and my loved ones, protect us from all harm. This type of prayer can be said to spirit directly, and it is not a petition out of fear, but out of a dab of assurance and why not, these are wonky times to say the least.

Often when doing a Reiki healing session for others or self, I will call on the angels of healing love and light to come in along with the healing energy of the Usui Reiki that I work with. So, for today, is there a particular angel you need to call on, a form of healing energy or more love to feel more 100% present in your life without any worry, fears, or false phobias whose times has come to go. Then, go a head call on your angels and like spirit, let them do their job and remember to give thanks, this makes everybody’s wings flutter all the more in receptivity.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2021

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