Growing Into Your Confidence

I recently read the following sentence, “do not wait to be confident before taking action or creating changes, just do it and you will grow into your confidence.” I love this and gave me time to pause as I was reading something delicious, I felt the words, they resonated with my vibe and interest in that moment.

I love words, ideas and sentences that spark and encourage one onward on their quest to live from peace, courage and the knowing, when you have done all you can, you have done your part, then we release the rest to the divine for the gods to do theirs, we trust.

So, how does one grow into their Confidence? By doing, by taking a leap in faith, by saying yes to something perhaps that you do not have the experience for, but somehow you will manage and grow into that new truth, as it grows into you. As one wise soul brother always says, we can wait another ten years before you take that chance or risk, bring those creative idea to light, and you will still be sitting there in that same spot, and nothing would of changed.

I always teach, we grow into mastery by doing, teach what you long to master. Taking a risk or stepping way out of your healing comfort zone, teaches us trust in ourselves, faith in spirit to provide and also our own inner intelligence, who knows innately that we will be more than ok and land on our feet. Grow into your confidence by doing, by trying and like the sports AD says Just Do It. The rest will fall into place and your confidence will catch up to you by doing, not by no action and more waiting.

My yet to be published best seller. Yes, I call it that, an affirmation in the positive to be sure, unless I finish editing it and then start once that is done by asking authors whom I know, hey how can I get a publisher or an agent? What are the steps? I will ask, as I learned a long time ago, spirit works through people, and we do need to put feet on our prayers doing our part.

This and taking long overdue actions, setting a boundary, speaking up with out a lifetime of hurt while you do it, is how ones grows in their confidence. This is all part of the spirit in you and yes, I have prayed at times for spirit to lift me up and bless me with power and confidence to do the task and job in front of me. Go forward today in your own unique rhythm and confident self that is you, built on self love, self respect and by taking an action whose times has come, you got this kiddo!!!

Michael @ Wisdom Blog Live 2021

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