What Comes To The Surface, Time To Heal…

It is no mistake the amount of global upheaval and healing transformation that is trying to work its way into our world and our consciousness collectively. I never truly understood the spiritual outlook and philosophy that we are all one until the past few years, what you do to one you do to yourself, if it is not coming from grace or compassion.

There is a more positive way to view all of what I call the Covid Madness, what the virus has brought out in human nature that was just laying there beneath the surface, hidden or distracted from giving it a voice due to any number of reasons. Conversations are now being forced to happen weather we like it or not and things that may have been overlooked are no more. Please when the whole world goes on shut down, we really cannot keep the lid on denial anymore, this is big news for all us to take in the best we can, not the end but needed new beginnings and healing transformation in many forms.

I am not talking about the ravages of projected junk that comes from the keyboards, or from the mask hidden fear-based assassins on social media or any hyper vigilant cancel culture drama. I am speaking in spiritual healing terms, think of this phrase and what it means to your own healing journey at this time. What comes to the surface or keeps coming up, is not a mistake, it what ever it is to you be it an issue, a perceived judgment, a habit, it is rising up to be addressed, not just looked at or discussed but to be healed.

You want to hear one opinion that always has more than a few sparks of truth, watch a few recent episodes of Bill Maher who I enjoy, his show Real Time With Bill Maher, does give pause for thoughts beyond one’s own scope and I must say, he can be bang on, on certain topics. What topics or issues have been coming to your surface to be healed of late? We heal with love not more judgment towards self or wishful thinking. Healing, being Awake and Transforming for the greater good is not about being afraid to voice one’s opinion, though the vibe on the street certainly feels like this. Again, let us not keep giving our power away to any fear or social media hall monitors that contributes to this type of hyper vigilance.

Another source of wisdom that empowers and affirms my spiritual beliefs and how to live well, grounded and sane in our new now times are from Caroline Myss and her recent book, Intimate Conversatiosn With The Divine. Caroline has held my interest since her life changing book Anatomy Of The Spirit.

In each of us, there is a wise healer sage who always knows what your soul and spirit needs to do to heal. Hold your corner of the street with grace and at times boldness, practice discernment in speech and actions as the wise Buddhist Masters always taught, not because they feared any cancel culture social media bad fame and reviews. But because having wisdom with discernment with a dash of patience and a ton of faith, does allow one to know, that we are more than what may be perceived, as a huge task and mountain in front of us to be healed and transformed. In light we are never alone, so shine on and be yourself freely.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2021

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