Healing Sessions, Reiki & How Healing Works

“It takes courage to heal, to place one foot in front of the other, yet when we open up to the mystical track and pathway that healing offers us, we are then becoming what I call living in grace and knowing our full power” Michael

We come to healing for many reasons, it can be of an emotional nature, past life experiences that need to clear and be healed, it may be of the physical or simply that our soul is guiding us to open up to healing and to receive the blessings and benefits that healing brings.

The Usui Reiki and or the Holy Fire Reiki are a few of the gateways to healing, these modalities along with our own inner wise one and healer within. Offer us so many ways into the unseen to be motivated, lifted up and healed over time of any ongoing or current issues, triggers or situations, that has presented itself in our lives at any given time, and yes healing is on going.

As I always say, and the following is based on my professional and firsthand experiences with healing, spiritualty and the Usui Reiki for well over 33 years. Healing happens, not always in a straight line, wisdom, insights both propound and the humorous can come through in each healing session.

Our consciousness if we have lived and believed in a certain way can actually create invisible walls of energic shields that can block the healing. This is our soul and body, which needs the time and space at times to move forward or to heal an issue permanently. Think of it this way, it did not happen over night, where we would of gathered and maintained certain beliefs on many levels.

So even though we may come to the healer or seek out a qualified practitioner as in I am ready. Healing has its own time frames. We must learn to except this truth with more self love, patience and loving compassion, that we would even venture into healing, which in itself is an act of grace and compassion. As an example, in my own life, after many pathways and experiences for my own healing of certain deep-seated issues and certain phobias that had no real validation for this lifetime.

It took many years, healers, therapist, shamans, books, retreats, seminars and daily practices that included prayer and Reiki, and yes daily for 33+ years. To know that when a certain issue was ready to be healed permeant, no matter how many times, I wanted it gone. It happened when I was completely ready to let go and master in the moment, that the teaching and healing had taken root.

This article is written today to encourage all who are on a healing path, which is never ending, by this I honestly believe we come to this life to heal self and others through all experiences and relationships. Healing is never a straight line, you may go to your healer with an intention and what comes up out of the session, may seem or be looked at as any thing but the very issues or thing you are desiring to heal.

Yet, mark my words, based on many years of working with healing, wisdom, energy, and Reiki. The healing and the Reiki knows its job well, what to do and where to go once activated. As healers we may know how to direct the energy or call in a specific healing intention, it does not guarantee that the soul will receive or agree in that moment, yet it is working its way into the lasting benefits of the receiver for their healing.

The persons body and mind may have much invested in remaining in a place, even if it disempowers the soul in remaining where it is. Yet in order for the Healing Intention to work and be downloaded, the Healing and the Reiki know exactly what to do and how to get there, when we as practitioner allow it to without judgment or second guessing.

It takes time to heal certain issues or path. Though I know because I am so visual when I see certain stories within a client I am working on. I know the dots are connecting and may surprise them, with the information or helpful insights that comes through to be right on time. It is to our benefit from the healing, the Reiki, our own prayers. To keep opening up to that mystical journey I like to call a pathway to the soul. A transformation in grace, this has always been what healing is to me and continues to be.

Today’s wisdom, these thoughts and experiences on the subject of Healing, Reiki and the nature of healing had to be shared. It surprised even me, but I feel these words which I hope to offer you on your journey and healing path, the graces of wisdom and how self love, self empowerment, and the healing of any issues regardless of times frames, is in fact happening.

I bow to those; all on their healing path and who come to me for healing, spiritual support and seeking wisdom, at times with awe and profound respect who continue on their healing journey with guts, grace, gratitude, and God as in the four G,s. With the inner knowing without question that yes Healing is and will continue to happen, one step at a time, one breathe at a time and one day at a time.

This is where your miracles will meet you on the road of healing and transformation, Michael

Michael @ M.A.Healing Events & Classes

Reiki Teacher, Master Healer, Spiritual Motivator & Intuitive Guide

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Vancouver / Canada

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