Allowing Your Good To Come To You…

“When spirit, intuition and your soul, calls to you to let go and allow your good to come to you, then this is the answer to your welcoming in more, you have done enough and trust”

We always do our part in the preparation of our new good that we are now co/creating and attracting with spirit as our co-pilot. We clear the stages of our life and home, place of business of any stagnate energies, which can become roadblocks to our good.

Yet, the best space to co/create and manifest from is an open, loving, and grateful heart. Not hindered by past experiences or false beliefs, which keep you in limitation or stuck in a place that is no longer you in now time.

We love what we already have, we give praise and thanks pre our good arriving, we show spirit and our soul selves that we are manifesting from faith not fear. We do our best to release all attachments to time frames and to the object, energy, or circumstances we are desiring.

These steps are not always easy, especially if a part of your inner beliefs system is stuck in the flight, trigger, or fear syndrome. Though if they are, then one is best guided to practice the graces of and invite healing in. As I like to bravely pray the following words below.

I never thought of it as being courageous, until a student pointed it out when I was sharing a teaching with then about manifesting with the following prayer that I say and mean it. Spirit clear the path to my good, rid and remove any obstacles, people, places, and things that no longer serve, that are not of grace, love or my highest good. This will certainly get the ball rolling in your favor.

It is not all hard work and intention muscles constantly focusing on what we are desiring to claim, attract and or manifest. There is the law of abundant increase through saying the word as taught by Florence Scovel Shinn and Catherine Ponder, two old school yet totally in tune with the times in how to claim and welcome more good into your life.

Again, your job as an attractor is to get your prayers and energy in alignment with what you’re willing to allow in, having faith in and what you’re willing to release. The generous  universe always responds to an open clean space in which to place your blessings.

Follow intuitive guidance once prayed, wait if you do not hear any guidance, pre proceedings if there is anything you need to do to assist spirit. There is much power in learning the art of letting go and allowing flow.

One of the best prosperity teachings on letting go and manifesting is knowing when to let go, when you have done all, you can, this is doing your part to help spirit, your guides, and angels. It does not require chanting or saying an affirmation 1.000 times a day unless you truly believe it and feel it.

Abundance is an energy that magnetizes from within and always arrives on calm shores like the best wisdom, and if you’re not feeling it, stop, pray, surrender, and wait. Then open your arms wide and just let go and allow, because the divine probably has some pretty fabulous blessings with your name on it, more than you could have ever wished for, and perhaps not in the exact form you thought you needed or desired.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2021

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