Light & Dark In A Time Of Global Healing…

All truth seekers and fellow spiritualist who travel in the light, rarely if ever want to hang around in the dark. The dark in this case and this writing, refers to the outer and the inner, as well as the light. Light will always over rank the dark, regardless of time frames once called in. It may take a while, depending on the energy conflicts that darkness is creating.

As co/creators and prayer warriors; we are blessed to always have the option to bring in a new perspective, to see all that is unfolding within and around us globally. Unthinkable things happen that cause pain, more often then not, and this does not include the many natural disasters and the healing that mother earth needs to have at this time, yet it will be a human hand or a way of believing that contributes to chaos on a large scale.

Of late I think of and have compassion and empathy to all you lovely highly empathic souls on the planet who are in the middle of your healing journey. Ones healing journey now includes healing for the entire world, for when we live and heal in light, those rays large and small vibrate outward, heal you within, others and this includes our world.

When I reflect and give my gratitude to all who sit in prayers, both in groups and solo worldwide daily. I am humbled ,grateful and bow to all who do this. For I believe all prayers are answered. We may have to walk through certain or uncertain times, yet it is how we embrace what happens to us and others that makes all the difference. We are never victims; we are not alone in our induvial quest and global quest to see a new dawn be with us.

Remembering, just like any form of healing, all that has been supressed must come to the surface somehow in order to be cleansed and healed. Keep that thought and wisdom within your view, when your own path gets rocky and you are telling or yelling to the universe and to the Gods, enough already, please send the reverse of all that I am experiencing. Let there be more light and the graces of love, joy and reprieve that encourages all of us to stay the course with this globally and personal healing. One day at a time, fully in the now, as this is where our power will always be, in the now moments.

Denial does not dissipate the dark, light does. Onward we go, grow, heal as we become astute navigators and adapters for all that is unfolding with change. Empower your own healing journey with more self love, self compassion, then share that energy outward as you walk your path in the light that is transforming the dark.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2021

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