Toot Your Own Horn, Yes & Shine…


I remember years ago being in Paris France and needing a good haircut, is there really any other type? A good hair cut and a good cologne is a must in this life. Entering a very Chi Chi hair salon on the left bank round the corner from Chanel.

I asked the receptionist who is your best cutter as in the bizz, they call the expert the Master cutter be it male or female. She introduced me to an older flamboyant man. I requested that he show me his portfolio of work pre cutting my hair, at the time I was blessed by having my cuts done by a partner, who was the big deal at Vidal Sassoon back in the day, so I new from good cuts.

This French gentleman was very patient with me and probably thought in his head “Mon Dieu is this guy for real”, then I just asked him directly are you good? He said sit down, yes I am and that response and my own asking, has stayed with me for years. I have used this method when seeking out a variety of professionals and have been asked by others when booking me for an event or a reading.

Toot your own horn, let your light shine, turn up the volume, knowing when you are good and have become a expert or master of your craft is not from ego, it is about knowing your worth, and can you express your own talent or self in confident ownership, this again has nothing to do with not being humble, gracious or speaking from false modesty.

When you know your worth, then you can negotiate fair and proper pay for your talents, your art, your project proposals. When people ask are you good at what you do? I say yes I am, very good. I got this from Caroline Myss when she speaks about her talent as a medical intuitive and teacher, she will always say I am very good, one of the best.

We do no good to ourselves or others by turning down our light, playing small, our talents to please another or to not get noticed. My voice is deep and trained to project as my day job requires me to speak in front of many, I often use it to project the good vibes and welcome in our lovely customers. Plus my vibrant persona is not a plane jane type even if I tried, it does not work.

Shine, stand on your desk, celebrate your talents, know your worth, shine and share your light of grace and creativity by just being you.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2019

What Does Healing Look Like?


We are all on this planet to heal, be healed and then share the healing with others. Every single one of us is healing something and this includes the Masters of wisdom, healing and intuition, your therapist, your dentist you name it, how else could one really serve another without knowing what their own healing looks like and is.

Does healing have  look? Well you will certainly see it in the eyes and soul of another who is on their path, who have worked hard with commitment to shine, grow and create and share light with others.

Healing is messy, is fabulous with awakened insghts and aha moments, it has ebbs and flows, like the game of life, healing has one step forward and five back, it is filled with grace and gives us when open a connection to spirit and all that cannot be explained on rational terms. If offers courage, invitations to cultivate faith and gratitude, steeping stones to miracles.

Healing is the voice of intuition that guides us to pick up our bed and walk, healing like the word love offers any thing like its name at times. Yet on the other side of a healing, be it painful, intense or filled with enlightment, we find our way home to our true self. Hello healing, I am glad your here, that I have the wisdom and grace to allow you in to create positive lasting change, a blessing…

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2019


The Importance of Health, The Spiritual, Emotional & Physical

Wellness Now, Body, Mind, Spirit

Having just gone through a month of health wellness challenges both the physical and the emotional, has made me realize, just how important each part of our wellness must include our body as well as our spirit, and to be done and paid attention to on a weekly and daily bases.

I have no problem tapping into spirit and my spiritual wellness practice which is daily. This to me is like breathing and I have worked at this most of this lifetime, teaching others about healing and spirit only grew my connection and beliefs in the spiritual and what we cannot always see.

As I mature in age, wisdom, life experiences and body, certain eating habits or over doing such as work and other over doing habits or self neglect, can no longer wait on the back burner that we can get lost in. I say this not out of any type of not understanding how us service orientated and givers of the world operate, but out of a newfound wisdom and self respect.

Ask your Body?

Ask your soul?

Ask your heart?

Ask your desires and ambitions?

Ask your spirit?

Ask your energy?

Ask God, Buddha, Spirit, Your Angels?

Ask away for each of the ones written above? By this we are asking each part what is it that you/we/I need at this time, now when you ask, listen then follow, and yes even if it says to cancel some work projects, clients, family gatherings, you must follow and respect whom and each part of you that you have asked. This is where true healthy self esteem and power arises from.

The answers come, we may forget at times that our own humanness and spiritual evolution, needs time to intergrade, heal and grow. It is not spiritual or compassion to neglect yourself on any level. This can become a habit that has negative pay offs over time, with no rewards or outside acknowledgments.

Rarely is the People Pleaser the first one to know that they need to unhook from all enmeshment and over giving. The receivers of your over giving may not appreciate your newfound awake-ness, but your soul and spirit will shine in a renewed health, boundaries, body, mind and spirit.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2019


There Are No Words…


No Words Grace

I am a lover of words, words have power and the work that I do in the world has a lot to do with the usage of words, we know that words can heal as well as wound.

There are certain situations in this life that happen where there are no words, which is one of the best responses, when you find yourself trying to comfort or relate to someone who has just endured a devastation or a loss.

When facing or relating to someone who has just lost a loved one in a senseless tragedy, a child grown or small, really what could one say beyond this, there are no words but my heart and love is here for you.

Platitudes have there place in this world and I remember years ago, when I was baby reader and healer, in my naivety trying to over help all, being blasted by a client for what she perceived was a platitude on the phone to her out of session.

From that smack, I learned a tough lesson to have better boundaries in my professional work, not to take all so personally and to know that friends are friends and clients are clients.

Think of Saint Mother Teressa; when she came upon starvation and pain in front of her, she did not freak out or pull her hair out in front to the ones suffering. She held her grace and power, as spirit channeled that light through her, hence her being made a living Saint this life time.

At times in this life, there are no words, but our honest heart and love can always be felt, amongst the hard changes and pain that comes to those we may know a lot or not so much.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2019



September 11 Th, I Remember…


I am pretty sure everyone remembers where they were on September 11, 2001. The world change for all as we know from that point on. I was en route to do a VIP catering function here in Vancouver. I recall the vibe on the street as I walked to the gig, was very quiet and eerie, like something was wrong and out of place. I do not watch TV in the morning, so I had no idea until I showed up at the company that was employing me for the day. What had happened.

There was no time for any of us to process what happened, we still had to serve at the event, and I told myself to focus, breathe and just do it the best I could. I felt all the sorrow, the horrendous fear and the shock globally. I did start praying then and there while I worked and served canapé.

I had just started reading professionally at a local new age bookstore and was scheduled to do readings the next few days post 9/11. As the planes where grounded, I did read for many New Yorkers that were stranded here. What could I possibly say, the lovely souls sitting before me were all in shock, so I gave it to spirit as I always do and the words, grace, love and support came through to bless each of these souls sitting before me. I changed through this experience as well connected to spirit, the angels and all that is even more.

There were tears at my reading table and as anyone knows me, New York and New Yorkers are very special to me and hold great times for me in that magical city. Being on the phone to my friends in New York while it was happening, left me no real choice but to be brave and helpful to those far a way. Prayer has power, healing intention and energy has power and it is felt by those in need and those who have crossed over to the heavens

I remember knowing that we are all one and are connected, I feel and believe this more today in 2019 then ever. I remember what I saw and felt and the visions that I saw, only to be validated years later, as all those souls transcended to the other side in an instant held by the grace and light of spirit.

I remember…

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2019

Navigating Change With Intuition…


Intuition; the souls inner GPS compass, that can speak, prompt and show us the way through all of our senses. When one is attuned to their intuition by cultivating this talent, then the changes that are with us or unfolding may be of no surprise.

So how does one truly navigate change? Are all changes meant to be and sparked by divine timing? Are they here to heal us? Can change be brought on by one’s inability to slow down and move with the pace of guidance rather than self will?

These are all very good questions worthy of some self reflection. My answer to most as with all occurrences that reveal themselves to us daily, would be all change can be viewed as a gift through one’s perception. Just remember you rule your destiny, intuition is here to help you along with spirit in the creation of positive lasting change.

Some changes are brought upon us by invitation, others are from our own desires and can be viewed as answered prayers. This does not always guarantee smooth sailing, yet when one has journeyed enough along the spiritual path, you will use all of your tools and the grace of a trusted intuition to assist with navigating all change.

As with all healing and wisdom gained through living life and not avoiding it, it is a process that when invited in with right mind and heart, the blessings will appear over time or as if in a magical instant.

Let the voice of intuition be your guide and compass through all change, try not to judge or control the process to much and as we know, intuition is not based on logic but an inner knowing that may not show us in an instant its profound gifts or divine reasoning. This is where trust in one’s faith and connection to spirit can make all the difference within each change.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2019



Being Blessed, Give What You Seek

Blessings In Grace

This summer I have been re reading spiritual classics that offer profound wisdom and actually makes me feel like I am walking on my path with a stronger connection to spirit, my true soul self and my love of spiritual wisdom, practical tools that empower us on our life quest.

So, thank you Marianne Williamson for the Return To Love and The Gift Of Change which is where todays Wisdom Blog Article has been inspired from. My prayers are with her, as she has now placed herself to be one of the up coming U.S.A. 20/20 hopefuls for president, she has got my vote and may spirit bless her to victory.

“Remember that in any situation, only what you are not giving can be lacking” This wisdom quote blew me away in the realization of yes, this is to be true over and over again. Putting it into practice in my work week as follows. I used this to create prosperous increase by sharing, giving and spending a little more money on myself.

I did this at my day job with acceptance to others whom I had been judging, grace came and this antidote would be a good practice no matter the situation. These spiritual wisdoms are not implying that we become door matts or not process emotions and vibes that need healing.

They are an invitation to increase that spiritual power in your soul, that you continue to walk in the light being a true master of the change you would like to see and be a part of. It works if ya work it, is a wise trusted saying and it truly does.

Be blessed…

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2019