Love What You Have…

The teachings of love what you have and focus on your good have been coming to me for a while now. As our world around us erupts and transforms, I see this as a vital way to view things and to keep my perspective focused on the good, the hopeful, the grace that spirit and prayers bring.

The challenge will be to cultivate an even greater faith if our view and energy is only focused on the bills that are due, what’s wrong in the world and other people and what we need. Ya get what ya focus on as the saying goes, hence the teaching of switching one’s mind set to faith and like the master, keeping it in the positive at all times.

Not always easy but as with any intention, pray and ask spirit to give you the word, the guidance, the wisdom on how to create with spirit what you are desiring, as well as how to have the faith to maintain a positive faith filled mind set. Love what you have, think and reflect on this today, I am sure your list will grow when reflecting from a place of love, self worth and gratitude.

A blessed Thanksgiving one and all, Michael

Stop Waiting, Start Creating…

As once told to me by a wise spiritual mentor and teacher were these words that instilled and ignited my stalled creativity, they went as follows, “the opposite of waiting is creating”. I take this as needed inspiration, when things are in a creative slow down or your finding more ebb than flow in the game of life.

Certain sayings and words have a way to empower and create the fuel needed to welcome in new ideas, explore creativity with a twist and even the grace that faith and hope brings. Today, ask yourself? what ideas, or thoughts has your intuition been trying to relate to you beyond any form of resistance or stagnation, such as procrastination or wearing the why bother T Shirt as the world is a mess?

We are always receiving guidance, we can deny this through over worrying, watching way too much news, or keeping ourselves way to busy. Yet if we pick up a pen and some paper and allow our imagination to run wild and just explore one’s inner landscape, you may be surprised just what’s been sitting on the back burner.

Many wise inventions or even new ways to create a new story for your life regardless of what is happening or where you stand today, have been born from just putting one foot in front of the other. These types of sayings and wisdoms are never about reinventing the wheel, its more about letting yourself know, that YOU DO HAVE THE POWER to co/create at all times, the power of choice and the power of words as to what we say to self and others, also can make  a huge difference in how ones views their circumstances.

Working for myself as a successful entrepreneur and business owner taught me many things, one was the ability to get out of my own way and fear and allow spirit to run the show. Many ideas and services were well received while others at times did not create any interest or a blip. Was I down hearted by this? Disappointed? Maybe for a few moments or days and then boom, off to the races my imagination and creative angels would be channeling another concept to be birthed to the benefits of my clients and others.

We at least always have to try, nothing gained by not trying or giving ourselves the permission to succeed, never mind the teaching’s and wisdom that comes from efforts that are not even put forth with a new breathe of creative inspiration or failure. Our time invites all of us in this powerful and rocky global transformation to come even further out into the light, the edge of our desires and put them out there, to sail in the wind, some will catch others will perhaps remain on the back burner for another time. Chance is in the doing, not the opposite.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2020

Create The Things That U Wished Existed…

One of the greatest motivations we can apply and do in this new now that we are all sharing is this one statement, that completely makes sense to my way of thinking, “Do now what you have always wanted to do or dreamed of”. I take this to mean from the wild to the simple. If not now when?

Create the things that you wished existed; this was shared to me by one of my younger colleagues in my day job. The sentence striked a cord as I wrote it down on a post it note, as I knew I would use and write about, absolutely. Think for a moment and allow your creative inner voice and soul to speak to you. What would you like to create that has the slant and welcoming tone of a visionary?

I immediately thought of what in my service menu that I enjoy offering my clients for healing, inspiration, my writings, Usui Reiki and wisdom, what could I co/create with spirit, that would be imaginative, supportive to the world, creative and filled with a vital energy of the new whose time has come to benefit all at this time.

The possibilities when coming from that place of opened mindedness with spirit at the center of your grace are endless and good for one’s imagination to run wild. On a new now global level, think of all those blessed entrepreneurs, the spiritual masters, the healers, the scientist, artist and on we can add and go. A time of global chaos of transformation, would certainly do well to invite these brazen ideas to assist with the new now trying to unfold.

Even keeping your most creative and inventive ideas to yourself is more than OK, to let them flourish in the space of no judgment and silence, so as not to crush them pre their time of coming out. Just remember as you do, that boldness and to have the courage to stand alone and a part at times, when bringing something new that has never been expressed or done before, takes the courageous spirit of one who is not afraid to shine in a totally new light or originally, this is also where positive hope draws its essence from.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2020

Where Is Your Wisdom At???

Wisdom earned and learned is the corner stone of having a cultivated trusted intuition. It is not always easy to remain in clarity with self and connected intuition to soul and wisdom.

Sometimes our wisdom and intuition may seem to be off or lost for the moment but in actuality both are with us, when feeling not connected or there, as they always are, are actually preparing one for even more awareness and the unknowing is actually healing taking place, my beliefs.

What you do in the middle of not knowing will make all the difference, as humans we want to know, we desire full control and the hard part can be learning to master going with the flow and releasing the controls to spirit.

So; if you sense or feel lost as is not sure which direction to go in or that your wisdom has chosen to go on vacation and leave you stranded, fear not as with all things, this too shall pass, listen to the promptings from within and if they are not forth coming with a word or guidance.

Let that be enough and wait, how you spend your time waiting will make all the difference. Usually when this happens, I take it as a call to surrender, let go, let spirit, and pray to find the energy of contentment in the now as to what is.

When in the place of wisdom emotional flux and healing, one word from your intuition guided to you from soul, your prayers and spirit can feel like winning the lottery after no wisdom or hearing a solution, when lost in the desert or that feeling of nothingness from that place of the in-between. As in your not quite your future self and your sure not your past, this we call the in-between stage.

If any of what I am describing is with you or that feeling of loss of motivation to rise, shine and conquer great things, relax, being in the stillness of wide open spaces within and around ones life, offers much for one to cultivate other spiritual pursuits of mastery without expectations or force.

This moment is enough and your wisdom, soul solutions and intuition are certainly with you, just taking a breather for you to regain faith in faith and to be at peace in not always knowing, this is what it means to live your power, your soulful journey and healing process. Again, these are all my beliefs from a life lived in the pursuit of wisdom gained, searched for and found.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2020

The Butterfly Effect & Rebirth In The New Now…

As creatures of habit, humans find bonds with certain practices, ways of thinking, which can be the result of living and being a certain way over time. For myself, I like to think that I am always in the flow of change and on the ball with all the new that is unfolding in our world.

This new now I am speaking of, is how the planet and our world, the invisible energies is asking us even without words, to assist ones personal and global transformation, we feel it within our own soul, a new or renewed evolution asking us to change, to heal even more and grow. I know my soul is on fire with birthing all kinds of things, emotions, ideas up to the surface to be addressed, healed and hopefully to the best of my abilities to be transformed and birthed with wisdom and love.

Think of the butterfly and all the many stages it travels through pre birth and then pre growing its wings and the beauty that we are all reminded of, when we see a gorgeous colorful butterfly in flight and humming in its silent stillness close by. We are awed by the brilliance, the beauty, the Butterfly totem in native wisdom represents Transformation and speaks of how one needs to be more loving, kind and patience with ones becoming process.

I value and appreciate the wisdom and teachings of my trusted colleague and soul family member Reiki Master Jose Leon when he shares in his knowing and grace, how we are to embrace the changes that this times is bringing yet to remember our humanness, to go easy, to take it slow when all is overwhelming and to learn to love ourselves from a place of gratitude and self respect within the process of awareness

I have spoken of this before on how any form of “rebirth/birth” can be painful, long or birthed in an instant when one is ready to give birth. Ideas can come fast and are ready to be shared with others is one form of birth, than when we look into our souls and something keeps coming up over time, this is a lengthily “soul birth” of healing and does take great courage and desire, to be loving to that part with compassion to heal and birth it into the butterfly of ones authentic self.

So, to end this new wisdom article. I would share and ask each of you this one simple question? To reflect on and to allow your answer to come from your heart center and intuition, there is always a place for what I call mind logic to join in ones intuition, but this question is for your soul, your spirit, your grace that knows something wants to be healed and or birthed in this new now we are all living as one.

The Question To Self?

Who am I to be if I would allow and give voice to all parts of me, expressing without shame or fear and following my true desires, authentic self and passion?


Till next Wisdom Blog, keep traveling this journey with faith in the positive and in the miraculous and when you loose your way, your angels and spirit are only a breathe away to assist with the download of Hope, Faith, Endurance & Positive Gratitude in our new now, to stay the course.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog

Creativity, Inventiveness & Service In The New Now…


I stay in touch with my New York roots and love of the city via the New York Post each evening online. I came across this young designer’s way to be of service and creative in our new now. The article is in the link

When I was a working full time for myself for many years, my success and earning a good income came from having the nerve, the gracious boldness and inventiveness to create a one of kind service, to benefit and contribute to the on going success, brand development and popularity of many companies, luxury events and successful entrepreneurs.

These times we all share call us to look back into our history, that shows us that when the bottom falls out of what we know as stability, then the awakened creative and inventor gets to work and does not shy away from trying new ideas, pitching new ideas whose time has come. Fortune favors the bold, a timeless mantra with creative inspiration that does empower.

This mind set certainly kept me afloat and in the flow of prosperity and continued entrepreneurial success when others employed my service by contract, events and trade shows. Ideas are born from necessity and will always come to fruition with a dash of tenacity, courage to try and not shy away for the challenge, to remain steadfast with the mind set of service to others, be it a product, a concept or ideas whose time has come to be shared with the world. Onward, upward and forward we go.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2020

A Smorgasbord Of Life…


Life is for living, learning, spiritual growth, Mastery of some teachings and others may meet you the next life. Of life in the new now, we are all called to summon up within us the grace of endurance, the grace of intuitive smarts, the grace to be an astute navigator and an adapter of change, constant change.

With this in mind, here are some of the creative wisdoms that have been channeling through to me from spirit, prayers and thoughts as I go about my days.

Prayer, gives way to hearing answers, ideas and words, they come from spirit

Joyful laughter & Play, these two, most needed in the new now as in Remember the funny and to play, ahhh OMG yes more laugher please. I grew up in a tough backwoods area of eastern Canada, the people in this region have great senses of humor and have to endure trying circumstances such as brutal weather conditions, not much industry to earn a living, much poverty, yet there was always laughter and something to share with your neighbor be it a loaf of bread, clothes as in hand me downs and the ability to poke fun at ones self, as in not take it all so seriously, if you cannot laugh, then where are we.

Creative Ideas, are always born out of a need, desire or whose time has come to put into play, with risk, faith, courage and a love of the process, I write cause I love to, not for the audience, I write as it is like breathing to me and spirit shines his wisdom along the pages and creative process.

Money $$$$, yes Money, to share and to earn while doing what brings you joy and or finding the joy with all acts of service and right livelihood. Money is not the end result, but it sure helps to have more than enough after lean and growing times. It is an energy but not worth the energy to be obsessed about as in is there enough. We all know we get what we focus on, so as we all learn to transition in keeping with the financial times, we adapt, we give thanks, we share our resources in circulation and flow, as I know spirit is the source of my supply, its up to me to be wise with a worthy heart not to push the flow or the blessings away.

Walks In Nature, ahhh breathing in the love and grace our planet and nature. We honor the mother earth with our thanks as we enjoy her lasting grace to bring peace to our soul and tired bodies that need to just breathe, breathe in her goodness and give back to her with your prayers, respect, gratitude and love…

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2020





I am a big believer in the power of prayer, pray now not later is my motto, we pray for the good of others, those we hold dear to our hearts, for the world, for strangers, we pray for our own healing journey at times to get on through.

We pray for strength to endure and to find meaning in the bigger picture, prayer restores what is out of balance, prayer protects, heals, guides and brings about divine wisdom and solutions, that speak to the part of you that needs the prayers of love to fill the space where fear, hopelessness and anger from old stories that no longer serves has entered.

Prayer was taught and came into my life from my amazing wise and powerful mother Doris, who showed me to pray on my knees by her bedside each night when I was young. To this day I give thanks to her for showing me the way of prayer, for in her heart she must of known I would need this grace through my wild years and adventures in this life.

Prayer can be formal, it can be quick said in a moment of time, does not matter how one prays or which channel you choose to pray to, all prayers lead to the same pathway of the divine, to lift our hearts, bless our souls and keep us centered and faith filled on the winding roads of learning, healing, gowning and adapting to the ever constant winds of change

and we pray, Prayer….

Upping Your Compassion…

The Faces Of Compassion

The True Faces Of Compassion 

Todays visual that shows Saint Mother Teresa and his holiness The Dalai Lama. I call the true faces of compassion, as they both have taught and continue to teach, that the face, energy and acts of compassion, does involve at times courage to speak up, courage to endure and to expand ones heart into sharing more kindness, now more than ever.

Just as we never judge a kind and gentle man as a week man, for underneath the cloak of each Masters grace, are the ones who have had to master their lessons/life teachings and not always in ease while eating a bowl of cherries watching Netflix, a little bit of humor goes along way, just as another Master always taught, take a breathe when faced with others who show no grace, before you become feisty, shave their heads and send them off the nearest temple for a past life review.

Upping ones compassion can come in a blink of an eye, an insight that where judgment and anger may have wanted to step in to please an old hurt, trigger or ego woundedness, our heart says wait, our soul says stretch and expand, rise above, see the bigger picture. Showing an example of loving compassion in action without reward is also the wisdom of the ages, connected to shaman medicine, as in fly under the radar. The warrior and Goddess who lives the energy of what is fair and right always knows this.

Compassion is a powerful grace and teaching as in to choose kindness over fear and hate. This word and what is means did not come easy to me in its true meaning, though I have always been kind, generous and humorous by nature, the real meaning took many teachings, serving others, being at work out in the world and raised by a family that challenged all of its meaning. I choose to up my compassion at this time in our new now, yet walk with an awakened eye and a hand held by spirit, leading the way.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2020





Navigating; The Ever-Changing Global Energy Compass & Shifts, Day To Day…

Cosmic Compass

Today we are at least five months into the new now and the practice of what I call Social Discernment. Much has changed in a blink of an eye; much healing is now taking place on a global energetic scale and on a personal level. We feel it, we know this.

It can become over whelming when you try to grasp the big picture of all of this energy and change we are all feeling, weathering through day to day, if you are in tuned and a highly empathic energy reader or not, we all know at this time on the planet something is up, healing and transforming.

So, with this in mind, I thought it best to share some helpful tips in the awareness that change brings in, be it for one’s personal healing journey, or in the new now connected to the whole.

  • Do not throw in the towel when you reach the point of being or feeling over whelmed; as in what’s the use, I give up and cannot for the life of me, discern any more what is mine and what is the other. This is a powerful place to be, time heals all and when we allow our souls the time even in pain to speak the truth to what is really happening, then this is where the heart center of your true power, intuitive healer and self worth lives.


  • As the global energy shifts and a global collective is triggered into healing, this may at times trigger old wounds and old negative self talk as in questioning all or judging all, this can work as a blessing, when you can read between the lines and you receive that ah ha moment that comes into your awareness, then you follow the inner promptings in how to get on through to the other side, I know I know, as I have even caught myself saying to spirit, REALLY AGAIN even amongst all this global pain and healing, this has come again to heal, OK walk with me.


  • My favorite 3 prayers of late, Spirit bring me to higher ground, I give over all to you, I surrender, thy will be done and this wonderous inner jewel that’s creates empowerment gold, Help me to forgive self and others.

When we reflect and reach back into our vast healing energy resources or the helpful bag of healing tricks as I like to call them, the answers are there and I have always taught and tried within myself to have an inner compass and intuition that tells me the truth, not the illusions that the world at large can play into us, if we let it, like that hungry fearful ego self.

Everything passes and until it does and is transformed into even more self love and spiritual power within, then we adapt and truly embrace those days and moments of inner joy and peace that we find and share with our loved ones and strangers along the side walk of life, learning and growing in the new now.

Here is to this day, this moment, this week, this new now of blessings unfolding in faith, transformation, gratitude, healing and peace, Michael

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2020