A Memoir Of Stories, Adventures & Writings…

Write Memoir

It’s amazing, but this past year I have been seeing, feeling and reviewing visual and messages from my past, yes that past, all the way back there into my childhood. Am I finally in a place in my life? That I have a desire to share them from this place, of being a wise 60-year-old life traveller and spiritual adventurer?

Yes it is time and it does not get any more clear, when I am sitting across the room from my desk and computer, and I think to myself what shall we do today, and a few moments before and daily I hear “Write The Book” oh you mean that best seller, then my computer screen opens up to a blank page on word, hello, message received.

It has taken me many years to even want to do a book, look back and tell my story, but I trust the timing and mostly I trust that inner voice that speaks to me and I hear, which is always spirit lead and it feels good to look back and not in anger, fear, shame or hurt. That the whole package was not one big horror show, there were so many high lights and success and dreams come true along the way, amongst all needed healing and experiences.

So today, is your story and I mean all of it, filled with wisdom earned or only the bad parts that hurt and wounded you? And if it is, are you ready to write a new story? I know I am, only this time I get to turn the pages in positive reflection and say what really happened, that has made me the man who has come to know grace in my life this day.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2019


No, To Playing Small

Standing Tall

Rise Up To Your Greatness 

In this life, the saying goes we create our own reality. I am not sure who coined this statement, but it gets used a lot and perhaps at times to much, without digging a little deeper.

Certain things will happen to us in this life that were not planned by us, they just happened. So, I do not believe we intentionally would create a nightmare to live. The saying is there to remind us, that we can redirect our thoughts and our energies else where, when we find ourselves perhaps, oh lets say, over thinking a tiny slight from another making it bigger than it is, this would be from the unhealed inner sabotage guy or girl.

Playing small or reverting back to old behaviours that do not empower or feed your soul, your greatness to stand tall and shine, does no one any good, even the one person standing in front of you that you would rather avoid a confrontation with or seeing.

Rise up, the time is now, and it is later than we may think to be bold in the driver’s seat of our life. I am reminded of that wonderful Marianne Williams quote, that speaks of our greatness, that we fear our greatness and fabulous light more than the shadow.

We always have a choice, may todays choices lead to even greener pastures where we live in our grace, our shared smarts and creativity, that can bloom under the light of daily inspiration and not be afraid to shine in the face of any giant, real or imagined past or present, the giant or scary monster being the ego that would tell us to stay low to the ground and not shine, and now we say No, To Playing Small.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2019


Thanksgiving Grace…


A Blessing

“A Preparation Statement For The Day”

Today, Spirit, I desire Buddha love, Self love to be with me, to observe with love and to execute my task with love and to know that all I bring to this beautiful planet is of value…I am grateful for my co/creation with you and the knowingness of your strength and courage within me is enough…I connect my body and I anchor with you and all is effortless flow and flow becomes love!!! With great great Gratitude thank you thank you thank you!!!!

The above blessing came to me from my dear soul sister in Toronto, Style Goddess Pamela whom I have known for well over 20 years or so, we met working on set for the TV show Due South and connected through our love of good style, spirit and creativity.

I love the idea of committing to having a daily preparation statement, this one, touched my heart and I find myself reading it over and over throughout the day. One does benefit greatly each day no matter the challenges or the blessings, to remain connected to soul and spirit.

Happy Thanksgiving one and all, Michael

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2019

Courage, Setting Boundaries & Living With Joy

Setting Healthy Boundaries

“Are you presently receiving guidance to take action in any way? Name that action and write down what your response is – particularly if you are deliberately creating a path of postponement” From Caroline Myss on Courage 

Todays wisdom blog; could be called a mixing bowl of many blessings as the title says Courage, Boundaries and living with more Joy. My reasoning and way of thinking why we could use all three types of emotions and spiritual wisdom is in the following.

Courage; in order to create any lasting positive change and to have a new way of living and even viewing the world and our circumstances, it  takes a willingness to go beyond what we may perceive or wish what was not happening, rather than to ask Courage that lives within us, to kick start what needs to happen in the now and this includes acts of verbal expression, that may have been pushed back do to fear of up setting the apple cart of ones life and other people.

Boundaries; I would say, in order to set boundaries and speak ones truth not from blame of resentment, does take some courage, can be hard especially for the unhealed people pleasers amongst us and god bless you if you still are. It may feel weird to set a boundary, as it can at times create some fall out and energetic resistance one feels from where you are setting the boundary, yet all good roads of wisdom start fresh from here and grow forward in grace.

Joy; is the natural outcome of following your true hearts desire and living your expressiveness without any apologies or worries of what others may think, joy is the power to call on from spirit, to infuse your spiritual practice with, when too many triggers or new healing awernesses have arrived and you may have forgotten, that there is more to life than always being in a process or taking this life and ones journey way to personally. Joy the natural out come from living with more courage and setting healthy boundaries, that raises ones vibration into greater self respect and loving compassion with kidness for all, and this includes you.

Michael @ Now Wisdom Blog 2019





Emotional Freedom…

Emotional Freedom

What Does Emotional Freedom Mean To You???

Welcome to a new week at Wisdom Blog

Most times these days, when the urge to write a new article comes, the words come right onto this page, editing as we go along and sometimes it takes a few reviews to edit my words.

The Eagle spirit totem means so much to my heart and way of living, it is one of my power totems. Eagle represents freedom, flying free unencumbered by the problems of the world, it is our true connection to spirit, god the divine, as Eagles fly closest to the sun and the heavens. Eagles message is always to give yourself permission to follow the joys of your heart.

We can spend our whole lives and waking days in the false drudgery of thinking we do not have a choice, or the power to allow ourselves to be free to follow our hearts, When your living in emotional freedom, your energy field radiates lightness, ease, joy and creative flow.

Today I choose to welcome and breathe in Emotional Freedom which means, no obsessing, no over thinking, staying fully in this moment of the now in gratitude, counting my blessings and not what is missing or a desire.

The ability to be honest with ones self, to grow into your spiritual maturity in wisdom, grace, love and gratitude, to walk ones talk and now taking action from discernment and intuition is freeing on many levels.

Emotional Freedom, the call from within and you know your living it when a quiet contentment fills your heart, your mind and your body, this to me is what peace and flying free with Eagles feels like.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2019


The Importance of Health, The Spiritual, Emotional & Physical

Wellness Now, Body, Mind, Spirit

Having just gone through a month of health wellness challenges both the physical and the emotional, has made me realize, just how important each part of our wellness must include our body as well as our spirit, and to be done and paid attention to on a weekly and daily bases.

I have no problem tapping into spirit and my spiritual wellness practice which is daily. This to me is like breathing and I have worked at this most of this lifetime, teaching others about healing and spirit only grew my connection and beliefs in the spiritual and what we cannot always see.

As I mature in age, wisdom, life experiences and body, certain eating habits or over doing such as work and other over doing habits or self neglect, can no longer wait on the back burner that we can get lost in. I say this not out of any type of not understanding how us service orientated and givers of the world operate, but out of a newfound wisdom and self respect.

Ask your Body?

Ask your soul?

Ask your heart?

Ask your desires and ambitions?

Ask your spirit?

Ask your energy?

Ask God, Buddha, Spirit, Your Angels?

Ask away for each of the ones written above? By this we are asking each part what is it that you/we/I need at this time, now when you ask, listen then follow, and yes even if it says to cancel some work projects, clients, family gatherings, you must follow and respect whom and each part of you that you have asked. This is where true healthy self esteem and power arises from.

The answers come, we may forget at times that our own humanness and spiritual evolution, needs time to intergrade, heal and grow. It is not spiritual or compassion to neglect yourself on any level. This can become a habit that has negative pay offs over time, with no rewards or outside acknowledgments.

Rarely is the People Pleaser the first one to know that they need to unhook from all enmeshment and over giving. The receivers of your over giving may not appreciate your newfound awake-ness, but your soul and spirit will shine in a renewed health, boundaries, body, mind and spirit.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2019


There Are No Words…


No Words Grace

I am a lover of words, words have power and the work that I do in the world has a lot to do with the usage of words, we know that words can heal as well as wound.

There are certain situations in this life that happen where there are no words, which is one of the best responses, when you find yourself trying to comfort or relate to someone who has just endured a devastation or a loss.

When facing or relating to someone who has just lost a loved one in a senseless tragedy, a child grown or small, really what could one say beyond this, there are no words but my heart and love is here for you.

Platitudes have there place in this world and I remember years ago, when I was baby reader and healer, in my naivety trying to over help all, being blasted by a client for what she perceived was a platitude on the phone to her out of session.

From that smack, I learned a tough lesson to have better boundaries in my professional work, not to take all so personally and to know that friends are friends and clients are clients.

Think of Saint Mother Teressa; when she came upon starvation and pain in front of her, she did not freak out or pull her hair out in front to the ones suffering. She held her grace and power, as spirit channeled that light through her, hence her being made a living Saint this life time.

At times in this life, there are no words, but our honest heart and love can always be felt, amongst the hard changes and pain that comes to those we may know a lot or not so much.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2019