What I Love About My Life…

Sunday, January 27 2019

On the road to personal and spiritual mastery as in how we live, manifest, love, share with others and perceive our challenges as well as our victories, make all the difference.

At times we can allow the energies that are always changing in our world and our own healing process, to only see road blocks to our divinity instead of infinite sky’s, where we soar like the Eagles to great heights.

Today I will start and encourage all who read my weekly and daily blog, to write out 5 things, statements that you know are true and that you love about your life and who you are. Keep writing even after 5 if you’re so inclined, the list can be endless and a gracious reminder that there is always good in the garden of soul growth.

1, I love my soul family, soul brother and soul sisters who always have my back and celebrate and share all of the good as well as the times where I need an extra hug of support.

2, I love to live and express Gratitude, not to get any favor from the heavens but I find there is so much to be grateful for, as we focus, so shall it be.

3, I love my K dramas, they bring me such enjoyment, adventure and hours of connecting with great stories and my fave is the historical dramas.

4, I love the power of prayer, I love spirit being at the center of my life and connection to all.

5, I love sharing my wisdom, healing talents and the Reiki energy grace to all who continue to seek me out, clients, thank you.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2019