Whats Clients Say

Note From Michael; Spring 2021

I have had the good fortune over many years world wide to receive accolades, praises and heartfelt expressions of Gratitude for my work as a Healer, Spiritual Teacher, Usui Reiki Master, trusted Intuitive reader, Speaker and popular radio guest. Here are a few recents ones and others that I am humbled and pleased to share with you here.

August 11, 2021


Thank you Michael!! I loved my reading yesterday, you always bring much needed messages, the white raven card is amazing! I feel very empowered and ready to trust in the magic, can’t wait to pick up my candle!! Thank you again for your awesome wisdom, Spirit has my back!!

– Sarah M Yoga Wellness Retreat Teacher & Host Canada/ USA / Mexico 

July 12, 2021

Michaels “Text” Wisdom On Go Readings

“I love the text wisdom readings. There are so many times when I have a quick question where I feel I need guidance. It’s really convenient and affirming to be able to receive your wisdom this way. I am very grateful to be able to connect with you this way”

– Sara H Artist/ Graphic Designer TV/ Film

May 9, 2021

“I have been extremely fortunate to receive Michael’s healing and wisdom for the past three years.  Put simply, Michael is a powerful healer, and a strong intuitive.  When receiving distance reiki from Michael, I have felt strong healing energy move through my body, and each session has felt like an amazing healing journey through my body and energy system, and beyond, with multi-dimensional shifts in consciousness – deep and profound.

 I have greatly valued the intuitive readings that Michael has provided after the reiki healing sessions.  Each and every time I have received valuable and transformative information and insight into my healing journey and my own patterns and processes.  I have found them to be incredibly uplifting, and they have provided the information that I needed at the time to continue to move forward on my spiritual and life journey.   As a final note, Michael also shares his wisdom and learnings through other helpful tools and blog posts.  Michael’s healing gifts could not have come at a better time.  With all that’s going on in life and the world, they’ve been a true blessing!”

– Michelle B, Vancouver Canada

May 18, 2021

I’ve been working with Michael for over five years. Boy has it been a ride! I reached huge milestones with his help (quit a job that no longer served me, moved to a different city, and started a new life that’s more aligned with what spirit intended for me). I won’t lie — it wasn’t smooth sailing– but one thing I learned is that it feels amazing to be lost in the right direction. Michael was absolutely instrumental with these transitions.

Even though I am incredibly spiritual, there is a very pragmatic (borderline neurotic) side to me that needs wise, verbal coaching; my chats with Michael help calm that part. Then, a long-distance healing session–where he emits healing energy –complements what both my body and soul need. It’s powerful.

During the chats, he has a humorous yet no-nonsense approach–which I always enjoy. And using his strong intuition, he has a natural knack for verbalizing my thoughts and feelings about issues I am struggling with at that moment. Afterward, the long-distance healing energy helps pave the next steps I need to overcome the obstacles of my spiritual growth.

I highly recommend Michael’s chat and healing session package; the tangibility of the chat and the unseen yet powerful healing energy have kept me going. I’ve truly experienced great leaps and bounds! Thank you my friend.

– Yasmeen A, Writer Toronto Canada

Business Client May 2012 ongoing 

Michael, your Space Blessing work here in our building with 155 suites, always does the job beautifully. As with the last suite that was vacant for three months rented instantly once the blessing and clearing was done, I call this Michael magic and I thank you for always helping with this professional service that keeps our building in harmony and peace, what can i say Michael Magic.

– Building Manager, Client since 2012